GB Sports Photographer & The Panasonic LUMIX S1



Greetings to fellow snappers to my portfolio pictures. Appreciate any views of my PF, and hope there is something of interest and worth a comment? A thank you to all if you have left votes and comments. I have been a member since 2009 and loved looking at the gallery of other snappers photos. Never thought my efforts were very good, yet hope to improve, but never ever going to win any prizes for sure. Hope to add a few more, and some later shots from some years ago from various locations. And will add some more recent pictures as my efforts improve? I know my pictures would be better, if I was very keen like some, to rise very early and travel to various locations miles away, to catch the sunrise. Wink I would appreciate any comments good or bad, which all could help me to capture better photographs. Thanks for looking. Wink
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  • Common Lizard

    Super capture Cliff, wells spotted. My next lens to buy the Fuji XF55-200mm. Still saving yet.Smile
    • 4 Jun 2018 6:55PM
  • Clematis

    Nice to capture them before the bloom dies too quickly.
    • 4 Jun 2018 6:36PM
  • Busy dad today!

    Great captured shot. These Woodpeckers are not easy to capture on camera.
    • 4 Jun 2018 6:34PM
  • Erythronium Pagoda

    Nice captured Flower shot Cliff as to your others.Smile
    • 30 Apr 2018 9:54AM
  • Hornsea Beach

    Beautifully Captured Seascape, with Natures Lighting, and slow shutter.
    • 23 Apr 2018 7:14AM
  • different season, same shadow

    Like the leading line and shadows in this composition, maybe just a tad more of the bicycle wheel in shot B/W works really well also.
    • 22 Apr 2018 10:40AM
  • Mandarin Drake.

    Love the color plumage of this image.
    • 22 Apr 2018 10:33AM
  • Great selection of images Cliff, and thanks for your comments. Yes. still like the old retro Nikon Film cameras. The Nikon FE series were made to last for sure. As to the Fuji X series, all metal, and brilliant lenses.
  • Whow, some very interesting faces here, in your amazing portfolio. Great job.
    James Smile
  • A great selection of shots captured Mick. Love the many locations in the Peaks, just sorry I'm not closer to travel.
    James Smile
    • Posted on kojak's profile
    • 6 Sep 2016 9:58AM
  • Love these colourful Bee eaters Lillian, and you have captured these and others really well with all your shots. A big lens does get you really close to nature for sure.
    • Posted on Lillian's profile
    • 5 Sep 2016 4:39PM
  • Great observer of life, and some great captured images with lots of varied subject matter. Nice work.
    • Posted on nonur's profile
    • 8 Oct 2015 6:58AM
  • Top draw work. Excellent lighting and composition of all images.
  • Great collection of your PF & showcase, excellent work. Nice use of your editing software. Well done. James Grin
    • Posted on robway's profile
    • 18 Aug 2013 6:02PM
  • Great variety of subjects in your PF Ty, I will come back and look again, to look further at your work. Thank you for your votes. regards JamesGrin.
    • Posted on TyChee's profile
    • 13 Aug 2013 8:45AM
  • Wonderful interesting SC and PF Jean. Some great pictures, and wish I could do a similiar trip to Vietname. You must have had a great trip to remember. James Grin
  • Very nice PF collection with various theme subjects. Well done. James Grin
    • Posted on boov's profile
    • 4 Aug 2013 6:35PM