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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • War Torn by chrishalton

    great shot, unbelievably overlooked!
    • 3 Jan 2010 6:11PM
  • The Hill by alextidby

    well done, would be an interesting place to take a photo throughout the year and see how it canges, especially now you have one with snow.
    • 30 Dec 2009 6:38PM
  • Baby it's cold outside. by bombolini

    thats a great shot
    • 30 Dec 2009 6:09PM
  • Do I suit red? by kenp

    great shot, saw three of these flying around today for the first time
    • 25 Sep 2009 7:59PM
  • Bud Light by NevP

    brilliant, ewen
    • 3 May 2009 6:49PM
  • potato landscape by simbo76

    thanks for the comments, much appreciated
    • 27 Apr 2009 2:23PM
  • Mink - Vermin? You decide! by harrattp

    vermin in my book as well, good shot though
    • 19 Mar 2009 7:28PM
  • Bleikoya by DavidWard

    really like it, like the lead in and the shapes. even more because it breaks the so called rules, never have liked them. cracking portfolio as well.
    • 26 Feb 2009 11:40AM
  • snow gate by simbo76

    thanks for all your comments, much appreciated, ewen, i had hoped to get all the tree in but couldnt get further back for a edge
    • 13 Feb 2009 11:59PM
  • listen by jan123

    "you stupid boy!" great shot
    • 3 Feb 2009 5:53PM
  • Just a lovely day by HilaryWhite

    like it, great shot. would have been improved with the ends of the branches in as well with a bit of sky around the outside.
    • 3 Feb 2009 5:08PM
  • Dunlewy old church by rubberclutch

    like it and agree with martin above, if it was taken from a slightly different angle it would be better, a bit off to one side and higher, like the subject though and good shot
    • 3 Feb 2009 5:02PM
  • LimePath Tree by MattHooton

    like the positioning and the tones and the mist coming in from behind. it looks like its had a hard life
    • 27 Jan 2009 4:46PM
  • Windmill by Jew

    really like it, good to see something like this up and running as well. good shot, ewen
    • 20 Jan 2009 1:31PM
  • " On a cold and frosty morning " by peely

    really like it .looks cold! was wondering what would the shot be like with the trees more towards the cnetre with the focus on the trees themselves? i find its always the days where you dont take the camera out that you wish you had.
    • 5 Jan 2009 6:39PM
  • Tree Line by Piks

    great shot, i knew it was plastic sheeting because i worked with it before but i agree that though a great shot doesnt need much explanation its always good to have some. theres been a few photos on here where i have wondered how the shot was taken or where, as many of us are on here to learn. though i have to admit to being guilty myself of not giving much information. cracking shot, with the tree just in the right place and the bend on the lines adding to it
    • 22 Dec 2008 1:20AM
  • stark treeline by simbo76

    thanks for the clicks and comment, ewen
    • 13 Dec 2008 2:09PM
  • Uphill by Alan_Warriner

    really like it, good lines, well done
    • 1 Dec 2008 8:53PM
  • SNOWY JETTY... by JouŠo

    really like it, ewen
    • 25 Nov 2008 5:41PM
  • Pick Your Fav Version by NickBradley

    v2 for me too, like someones just opened a door to the left
    • 25 Nov 2008 5:32PM
  • autumn tree by simbo76

    • 24 Nov 2008 5:18PM
  • winter begins by simbo76

    thanks for the comments,much appreciated, ewen
    • 24 Nov 2008 4:15PM
  • Sun rise by Dimitre_P

    like it, like the shape of the tree in the middle and the colours. great portfolio as well
    • 19 Nov 2008 1:22PM
  • bailed out by steviehutch

    great, love the difference between the sunny foreground and the sky. and photos with bales win it for me easily
    • 3 Sep 2008 6:41PM
  • dusk at moorgate by steviehutch

    great really like it. would maybe a small change in position have cleared the right hand tree from the horizon a bit more? do really like it though, great light, well done
    • 3 Sep 2008 6:39PM
  • Church by Mike_Smith

    like it, especially with the clouds passing over
    • 3 Sep 2008 5:11PM
  • tree line by simbo76

    thanks for the comment, much appreciated, cheers, ewen
    • 28 Aug 2008 10:58PM
  • Monday Mono by terry_cavner

    great , you really get the idea of what it would be like to be coming from the sea to try and scale the defences. also hammering rain here as well!
    • 18 Aug 2008 7:43PM
  • storm passing by simbo76

    cheers for the comments, much appreciated
    • 3 Aug 2008 1:38PM
  • stripes by simbo76

    thanks for the comments. i wasnt as happy with it as i had hoped, i remembered the tractor being bluer. i was on the hill opposite and had to try to catch it as it was coming towards me, was a bit more dificult than i thought it would be.
    • 31 Jul 2008 10:41PM