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  • Storm at Sunset

    Thanks everyone.

    As for timing, It's just a long exposure aimed at an active cell. All you can do is expose for the ambient, keeping your shutter open for as long as possible. Even if you do all you can to increase your chances, there is certainly a large element of luck in any lightening shot. Lightening isn't really my thing, I try to avoid it, but this storm rolled past my porch so how could I not grab my tripod and camera.
    • 4 May 2011 5:28PM
  • Tom Hawkins Photography

    Fantastic image, great DOF, sharpness pose, model, composition. Struggling to find anything to constructively criticize. Maybe how the model is holding her right hand could be more elegant, but that really is a tiny nit pick.

    I hope you post a lot more images!
    • 4 May 2011 3:11AM
  • Rice

    That's a nice example of how to increase interest by filling the frame. You have some great images in your gallery. It's a simple subject but an interesting image. I like it a lot.

    In Japan a bowl of rice is part of a funeral service. The chopsticks are stuck into the rice and it is placed on the gravestone. As it has this connection you'll never see a Japanese person stick their chopsticks in rice, nor will they pass food to one another chopstick to chopstick (again that action is part of the cremation ritual).
    • 4 May 2011 3:05AM
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