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  • ... by george_gradinaru

    beautiful black and white, great tonal range, depth of field, location and subject
    • 9 Nov 2010 7:30PM
  • A small piece of art by wyatturp

    Awesome - reminiscent of Pink Floyd album covers
    • 4 Nov 2010 11:19PM
  • Black sky by edwood

    wonderful simplicity to this shot
    • 4 Nov 2010 10:51PM
  • Storm's comming by t0m

    A very peaceful image great range of tones and great contrast
    • 4 Nov 2010 10:47PM
  • Blue by simongreen

    hi davey_griffo there is no sky in the shot its all sea at the top.
    • 31 Oct 2010 6:38PM
  • pink by simongreen

    thanks for the comments, davey_griffo on e2 I think you can upload upto 16 images straight away
    • 31 Oct 2010 4:56PM
  • Road thro' the Rockies by twainey

    great - love the way the road draws your eye straight into the image and the yellow line strengthens it. If this had been shot straight on you would have lost the wonderful great dips in the road.
    • 30 Oct 2010 2:21PM
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  • Film vs Digital

    Following on from PMFs argument - plates is photography not these damn medium format film cameras 35mm film cameras,,er digital cameras!!! Stand up who said Polaroid...
    by fotofiend | Last Post | Unread
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  • Digi going to film ..

    OK I took the image, resized to 30x20, cropped out a section 10x8 at 300dpi and then printed that. I must say that I don't fully grasp resizing upwards but I will a...
    by monstersnowman | Last Post | Unread
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  • Barry Thornton

    Barry Thornton was an absolute inspiration to me, I met him a couple of years ago, and he had a great enthusiasm for the work he did. His black and white printing was fir...
    by dclarke5 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Mittens for cold weather photography

    Like many things, it's personal taste. I found the lowepro gloves to be too ill fitting. DP
    Replies: 4
  • The Editor's Choice Revisited

    Hope we never have to part brass rags with you, Macroman! ;-)
    by amaingere | Last Post | Unread
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  • printer choice issue.

    I've got a Canon i950 and it produces superb prints. The colour is fantastic and I am more than happy with the prints it produces. The colour and sharpness I have print...
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  • What's your favourite camera?

    Hello, This is the forum topic to discuss the Alternative Photography event scheduled for 07/01/2014. To view more details regarding this event,...
    by Pete | Last Post | Unread
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