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Hi, I hope you enjoy looking through some of my shots that I have taken, I would appreciate all types of advise good or bad Smile
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  • Hellllooo and Welcome!! GrinGrin
  • Here are some of the pictures, Not the best place for an album, but I put it on there for the Kyrahs Mum as she doesnt have a computer. Will be uploading to Flickr soon.

    Any comments bad or good Grin

    Kyrahs Christening
  • I was researching this for ages, and I eventually went with the D3100 Nikon - I paid 370quid for it brand new with the 18-55mm VR lens!

    And its perfect for me, even has a programmed guide in the menu which tells you how to create different shots.
  • Hi Shawn
    Ditto to what MattB has said!
    Information everywhere you look!
  • Hi,
    Very nice site, simple but everthing works.
    You have some great work aswell Smile
    If I was to suggest something it would be have to be the picture on the homepage, I think it would look better with a " slideshow" which is simple to create using some CSS.
  • Hi there
    Welcome Smile
    I am also a newbie and have learnt a lot since joining 3-4 weeks ago, everyone is willing to help.

    Nice to see you support the right side of Manchester Wink
  • Nice dicussion going on here, I know everyone is different with how "steady" they are, so its just nice to see what everyone can do Grin
  • Hey guys,
    Just quick update about the Christening Yesterday.

    The Methodist church was changed last minute and I didn't get chance to even go before hand or to even talk to the Vicar. However I turned up early to look around the venue and to talk to the Vicar. There wasn't much light and the place was very small, I was planning on using my 50-200mm lens but with it being so small I had to change my lens to 18-55m, on top of this the Vicar wouldn't allow photography at all during the ceremony, therefore I couldn't get the price shot of Kyrahs head over the font, along with this the grounds of the Methodist church wasn't exactly "beautiful" coming straight out onto a main road.

    So my plans had be ruined before I even started, however I believe I got shots that parents will love inside the church and also at the party venue. I will post some pictures up in the next couple of days when I've finished editing.

    All in all I had a great day being able to take shots of such a beautiful baby, her family and godparents.

    Would I try again?
    Yes I would definitely love to shoot a christening again however I would definitely prefer if it was in a Church where the vicar allowed photography during the ceremony.
  • If you need any help with CSS, xHTML or ASP then pop me a message, I studied Computing Multimedia and have done few sites!
  • Hi Guys
    Just a quick question,

    What is Minimum shutter speed you/me could get away with to get a "sharp" image while holding the camera?

    I have been reading the the general "rule" of thumb is 1/FL - So if I was shooting @ 100mm I would need a 1/100 + to gain a sharp image.

    What can you more experienced photographers get to with a steady hand?
  • Hope your ok mate, since joining he has always commented on my images to compliment or give very good advise, I hope whatever has happened that hes ok, best wishes to him.
  • Grimsby 4-1 Luton.... got a good feelimg about this season!
  • Nice, what was the odds on that then??

    MMM I couldn't call it to be fair, however Benfica are a good team..they have Cardozo upfront and he is lethal!
  • Unfortunate for MC but Ronaldo was class!
  • Thanks guys Smile
  • Hi guys
    Just a quick question to see if any knows how to achieve this glow around an image?
  • Is this still something that people are interested in?
  • Haha Im sure you will think of something, plenty of time Smile
  • Look forward to seeing what the challenge is Grin
  • Welcome Smile I look forward to seeing some of your workGrin
  • Hi Smile

    Yes I am a newbie indeed, but love every moment of taking photos Grin .

    I have so much more to learn! x
  • Welcome Andrea, I am also fairly new this site and its wonderful!
    Everyone is so helpful!

    Only one bad side....Its very addictive haha Grin
  • I will indeed! Its Sunday 30th September, so 2 weeks away
  • Haha!
    Kidderminster, were playing you guys tomorrow!
    I totally agree though the refeering standards are diabolical!
  • Welcome Grin
  • Haha I'm sure City will be ok, I think theyll always be a Championship side!

    Never heard of them, any good?

    For my sins I'm a full time Grimsby Town Supporter, Shocking I know!
  • Embarrasing question but have we got any supporters of teams in the Conference? lol
  • Thanks for that Peter,
    I am definitely going to pop in and have a look around, however I don't think its your usual church, I believe its more like a Methodist church.

    Thanks for the heads up Smile
  • Excellent thanks Matt, will be purchasing this straight from Jessop as there selling it for around 50!
  • Just been looking at the reviews on the Jessops 360AFD and from what ive read its worth the buy!

    hows the built in diffuser?