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Better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're an idiot, than to open it and confirm their views
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  • Thanks everyone for your answers.

    He's muttering something about Alkenes, double bonds.

    He wants to do all 3 sciences at A Level and though Chemistry is his favorite, he finds it most challenging.

    Thanks again everyone.

  • Sorry, wrote it down wrong, it should have been H2O(g) rather than O2!
    Thanks, Fma7, I will look at these links!
  • Im hoping that you good people of Ephotozine world can come to my sons help.

    Hes got his mock GCSE Chemistry exam coming up in the New Year and is working through some past papers and is stuck on one question which Im hoping someone can answer.

    The topic is Alkenes with steam.

    When they react with steam, the conditions are

    1. Phosphoric(V) Acid Catalyst
    2. A temperature of 300oC
    3. A pressure of 60-70 atm

    Hes stuck on the next part:

    C2H4 + O2 = Ethanol (CH3CH2OH)

    The product is an --------------?

    They react with themselves to make -------- --------?


  • Morning people of Epz land,

    Has anyone had experience, good or bad, of Betta Living Kitchens?

    Yes, I've read the current reviews, but just wondered if anyone had recent experiences of them.


  • Taken at the Victorian Village in Telford
  • It's a "remember this option" when you upload a photo.


  • Quote:In Lighting by beeza410 | Hide Topic | Last Post | Unread Posts

    The size of font could do with increasing a bit Sad
  • Have you tried asking him?

    He used to be very talkative until he got his very own stalker and left, came back and changed his username.
  • Thanks Peter that's worked a treat!

  • They're a bit like the "Guide me home" headlights on cars, except these are built in to your trouser pockets? Smile

  • Quote:Watermarks have many uses...not all of them have anything to do with image security.

    Aren't you're thinking of "waterboarding" Smile
  • Why use words whan a picture paints a 1000 words or in this pictures, case slobbering on your keyboard....

  • Quote:Perhaps an apology to Romania is due...


  • Quote:Can you imagine a group of plumbers in a pub discussing spanners?

    Spanner ---> "a young woman who makes your nuts go tight"
  • What about Ade in Preston, doesn't he still runs his evenings for Epz members?

  • Quote:and i thought i was dyslexic

    In this day and age, that really isn't a very good excuse for poor spelling and grammar!
  • Best Genesis.......

  • Dropbox is a good idea, but doesn't everyone involved have to install the dropbox software?

    Also with dropbox, anyone who has access to the folder can add/DELETE files from there so beware! It may be the owner can specify read/write permissions on the folder - I never got that far.

    I've also heard that though the basic dropbox is free, you are bombarded with e-mails to upgrade.

  • You could try to zip it and send that - right click/Send to/ Compressed (zipped) file

  • Quote: Many years ago ..... jobsworth ...... I just laughed and carried on

    This was obviously back in the days when we had an Empire and ignorant behaviour was tollerated, if expected from the ruling gentry.

  • Quote:....we've had 18 days of rain in 1 month.

    Shouldn't that be "we've had 18 months rain in 1 day"? Smile
  • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Smile

  • Quote:Blue background ? looks grey on my machines.

    Sadly, I cant go back and check, but I'm pretty certain that the envelope was on a blue background. However, I bow to age and experience of a moderator.

  • Quote:What really pi$$ed me off was rhe fact that on Radio 4 6 o'clock news the BBC constantly referred to him as MISTER Cregan.

    Has he actually been found guilty "in a court of law by a jury of his peers" yet?

    No! So Mr it is until he's found guilty.

    Then you can lock him up and throw the key away! Smile
  • I agree with CB, it needs to be a bit more eye catching.

    After reading this thread I logged into my sons account to check. The envelope on a blue background is only really noticable if you "look" in that area. While flashing may be a bit ott a bright red eye catching background may stand out more.

  • Lights off, I'm off to the Nude/Glamour gallery Smile
  • First impressions? I'm (im), I (i) and bung in a few more full stops and commas.
  • You can make it last longer than 6 seconds by folding your clothes Smile
  • Do you refuse to do weddings if its obvious the bride to be is pregnant or just do head shots of the bride?

  • Quote:Right the big tester, I'm off tomorrow as is Nik until Monday, there are 2 dirty cups.....

    So has he got in touch with his female side and cleaned the mugs?