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SimPick's Gallery Comments

SimPick > SimPick Recent Activity > SimPick's Gallery Comments
More wildflowers by joolsb

More wildflowers

Very nice composition. Seems that digital has brought out your flowery side ;o)

By: joolsb

...and more... by joolsb

...and more...

Nice shot Jools. Has a very nice feel to it due to the lighting. Looks like digital has opened up a few more possibilities, and you're taking shots you probably wouldn't normally have taken. Just out of interest, why did you go for the Sony ?

By: joolsb

Morcote by SimPick


Thanks Jools. I have been thinking in the back of my mind that I seem to be coming on a bit further than where I was photographically, so it's nice for you to confirm it. Not there yet, but I am at least going the right way I think.
As for the image, as I said in the description, it was a lazy out-of-camera image with hardly any processing (sharpening, cropping and a bit of saturation lift), and was only really a casual "holiday snap" as we were walking back down to the village, and added here as a lazy upload that was never really intended to make it to ePz. All I did was crop it to get rid of excess sky that I felt added nothing at all to the image, and it looked almost fit for ePz, and here we are.

Thanks for the comment.


By: SimPick

Bird of prey 2 by BERTRAM

Bird of prey 2

Excellent, and so sharp.


Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) by BERTRAM

Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)

Superb stuff indeed. Great shot David, it really is.


Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) by BERTRAM

Red fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Not a lot I can add to what's been said. Great capture. Sper shot.


Village in the Mountains by Cormy

Village in the Mountains

Nice image of my kind of place.

By: Cormy

Dragonfly. by hoang_van


Great close-up. very nicely done.

By: hoang_van

Dawn fishing by joolsb

Dawn fishing

Yes yes yes. My kind of image exactly. Love it. So nice. My only criticism (if I dare be so bold), is that I find something a little odd about the boat on the far left, almost as if the image would benefit from it not being there. I can't put my finger on it exactly, but maybe it's because it's not as distinct and clear as the other two boats, or can't really be easily identified as being a boat.


By: joolsb

Dawn on the marsh - 3 by joolsb

Dawn on the marsh - 3

Like it Jools. Very nice as always.


By: joolsb

Contemplation. by SimPick


Quote: a lot of people would say the lighting was bad, but i find in allot of cases this can be quite affective, it def works great in mono

Thanks Emma. I actually thought it looked OK with this effect. I like the blown out background because it doesn't distract from him. It's part of the effect. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. But I am always biased when it comes to pics of him.


By: SimPick

Dusk by Lindsay90


Hi Lindsey,

Lovely sky and very pleasant colours and all that, but there is no point of interest in this image. Unfortunately the nice sky is not enough. You'd have been much better off finding some foreground interest, be it a house, some rocks, or whatever you could find that could give the image that bit extra.


By: Lindsay90

New growth by joolsb

New growth

A digital SLR !! Aaaaaaaaaaahem. Cough, splutter, cough !
I wonder if there's another Joolsb on ePz and I have found the wrong one. Yeah, that must be it.

By: joolsb

Saint Mary Lake by bongobilly

Saint Mary Lake


You really needed a filter to hold back that sky, or take some bracketed exposures to blend later. It's far too blown out.
Unfortunately the composition doesn't work either. The stone beach in the bottom of the shot is not interesting at all, and the tree branch in the water is not particularly nice either. They're both distracting from the rest of the image.
What you really needed to do is move to your right and make full use of that pier. Using the pier to lead into the image would have
been far nicer than the uninteresting beach area.
Don't forget that you can always manipulate the scene slightly too. You could have dragged that branch out of the water yourself and thrown it aside. If you had done that, and cut out the beach and got more of the pier in, it would have been a much nicer shot. I am sure if you searched ePz for good shots including a pier (and there are many !), you will soon get an idea of what works.

Hope that helps,


By: bongobilly

Serenity by MalcolmM


Some really nice stuff in your PF Malcolm. I'm jelous ! Some very interesting images that are a very nice change from the norm on ePz.

By: MalcolmM

Woodland Rays by MalcolmM

Woodland Rays

Lovely warm image Malcolm. Very easy on the eye.

By: MalcolmM

Reflections by martin.w


Very nice indeed. Love the flat rocks as it gives it something a bit different from the usual seascapes posted on ePz.

By: martin.w

Thurso Shores by porty2003

Thurso Shores

Very nice image there John. Great stuff. Deserves a few more votes than it has at present.

By: porty2003

Dracula Express by george_gradinaru

Dracula Express

Very dramatic. Super.

By: george_gradinaru

Rapeseed At Sunset by Codiac

Rapeseed At Sunset

Just lovely. Nothimng more to say than that really. Super stuff.

By: Codiac

Cool Blue by dmhuynh72

Cool Blue

Super stuzff, but I feel like you needed to zoom out a tad more. Don't askl me why, but that's what I first thought as soon as I saw the pic. Very very nice though.

By: dmhuynh72

Mandeh Ideh Manyiang Baniah (Before Palnt Seeds) by rioarchitect

Mandeh Ideh Manyiang Baniah (Before Palnt Seeds)

Lovely image. Almost looks unreal somehow.

By: rioarchitect

Ferry by Steven_Tyrer


Hi Steve,

Yeah, sad to say but it doesn't work for me either. By effectively taking out the sky and water, it just looks like a totally blown shot of a ferry in mid-air. I think I'd rework this, and maybe just try a B+W conversion and see how that looks. As it is, the image is way too flat.


By: Steven_Tyrer



Hi Barun,

Thing is about this photo, is the red power (or whatever it is that's in the air) is overpowering the whole shot. I am sure this would have had a great deal more impact if taken when you could see the guy stood behind a bit more clearly. As it is, it kind of looks like someone has gone mad in photoshop with a red filter or something. Such a shame because I can see that such a festival would have loads of potential.


By: krbarun

Derilict Church. by Photoizer

Derilict Church.

Hi Michael,

Excuse me for the crit, I know I am no expert, but the thing that stands out about why this photo doesn't work, is that it is just not an interesting shot. It's in broad daylight (bright sunlight), the sky is bland (no clouds), and there is no interest in the foreground grass or in the background either. What you really need to do is to move your positioning and look for something in the foreground, or background, or anything of interest that adds to the photo to give it that little bit extra. If there is nothing around, you're far better off going right up close to the church and looking for some interesting details in the broken down nature of the building.
Look at shots of old buildings in other peoples portfolios, or elsewhere on the net, and start to really see what's there. You wil often see an interesting background or something in the foreground, to the side, and taken in good light with a nice sky.

Hope that helps.


By: Photoizer

Magadino dawn - 4 by joolsb

Magadino dawn - 4

Beautiful shot Jools. Love it.

By: joolsb

Play OAR Not by paulfreeman

Play OAR Not

Super image Paul. It's warm and cold at the same time. Love it.

By: paulfreeman

Alpine Reflections by SimPick

Alpine Reflections

Thanks everyone. Nice to know the hassle was worth it.

Jools. It's worth the pain right here and now, but didn't seem that way at the time.In fact I very nearly didn't get this picture. I was at the top of the hill looking down on the lake, and couldn't be bothered walking down and then back up again, due to the monumental effort it took me to get up there in the first place. One of the two guys I was with called me and told me to get my lazy ass down there ASAP, and I gave in. As it happens, it was the shot of the day for me, that very nearly didn't even happen..

Cole. Yep, decided on the 50D due to price mainly, which helped me get away with it with the wife. She'd have probably cut off my dangly bits if I had bought a 5dMKII. But I have to say that I am very pleased with the 50d now I am used to it, and it's a super step-up from the 350d. It wasn't easy at first, as it is definitely less forgiving than the 350d. I just had to concentrate on getting my technique better than it was. I am only really just starting to put a bit more effort into what I am doing than I used to.

By: SimPick

Red Screes by jeanie

Red Screes

Great stuff Jeanie, but another vote for the colour version here. Looks far far better than the mono version, which appears uninteresting and flat to me.

By: jeanie

Upper Goit Falls by jeanie

Upper Goit Falls

Lovely Jeanie. Like it a lot.

By: jeanie