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Activity : Photo Comments


I'm a freelance nurse with a keen interest in photography. I would welcome constructive criticism and ideas for improving my pictures. Feedback so far has been very helpful and I love how friendly this site is. Thank you to everyone who has helped me!
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  • Beautiful underground II by Cookie_Monster

    Love them all!
    • 22 Oct 2015 10:10AM
  • Funky by Cookie_Monster

    I think I prefer V1 just because of the contextual balance between the leaf and the bloom but both are gorgeous. Are you placing them on a white ground or adding it after? Beautiful pictures though Christine. Blush
    • 25 Sep 2015 9:49AM
  • Tranquility by Cookie_Monster

    • 20 Jun 2015 1:09PM
  • Evening reflections II by Cookie_Monster

    V2 for me still. You don't really see the top of the bridge so the straightening has helped
    • 4 Jun 2015 10:39AM
  • Evening reflections by Cookie_Monster

    Zooooper!! Love it Christine. I wouldn't know where to start with an exposure merge of 11 images! I feel a seminar on the horizon...... Not your horizon clearly - that's way too beautiful.
    • 2 Jun 2015 10:23AM
  • May in Philadelphia #7 by handlerstudio

    It's a grape hyacinth. Still lovely - beautiful dof.
    • 22 May 2015 6:10PM
  • Colours Of Life...! by perceptive_imagination

    Beautiful. Brought an instant smile.
    Lizzie Grin
    • 21 May 2015 8:37PM
  • Steel giraffes by SisterPinkie

    Thanks so much for the award ddolfelin - it's my birthday today and you've just put the "icing on the cake" so to speak!
    Very pleased.
    Lizzie x BlushBlushBlush
    • 17 May 2015 6:11PM
  • Still by Stumars

    Tranquil and calming.
    Really lovely
    Lizzie Grin
    • 17 May 2015 3:06PM
  • P o p p i e s by Jon.H

    Love it. Really calming
    Lizzie Grin
    • 17 May 2015 3:00PM
  • Pathway to ..... by Cookie_Monster

    Love it. V1 for me too.
    (I have invested in member plus guest for Tate so don't pay out for any exhibitions until you check with me..!) xx
    • 14 Jan 2015 1:43PM
  • Sunflower by Cookie_Monster

    Gorgeous Christine. Just right - not too overworked. Loved this picture in the raw anyway so I suppose I'm biased! Grin
    • 16 Dec 2014 6:58PM
  • Frosted by Cookie_Monster

    Definitely a teasel. Lovely shots. Grin
    • 14 Dec 2014 8:16AM
  • Nothing better in my life by Cookie_Monster

    Oh my!
    You forgot to mention that she's also nearly 8 feet tall!
    What memories. She was cute then ..... Tongue
    • 6 Nov 2014 11:03AM
  • Danube Gorge by Cookie_Monster

    Wow. Beautiful pictures.
    • 10 Oct 2014 4:59PM
  • Titanium Fireworks 3 by WorldInFocus

    Love it! I agree with every word from Nathan. The colours are superb and I love the shapes. Cracking shot. Grin

    Quote:Superbly timed captured with great colour and so very well exposed.

    Regards Nathan GrinGrinGrin

    • 30 Sep 2014 9:20AM
  • Radcliffe Square in Oxford by Cookie_Monster

    Mmmmm. Now where have I seen this before Wink
    • 23 Sep 2014 4:12PM
  • Impressions around Forchheim by Cookie_Monster

    Love number 6! So good to see pictures from home. xx Wink
    (CC Prints tonight - first of the new year).
    • 18 Sep 2014 1:38PM
  • Lone surfer by SisterPinkie

    Thanks Nathan!
    Lizzie Smile
    • 8 Aug 2014 10:07PM
  • Tullamore Dew Whiskey Sunset by SHADY65

    Fabulous! Love it. Wish the weather in Cornwall was as good! Super pic and great duplicity with the double horizons and sunsets etc. Great.
    • 8 Aug 2014 9:18PM
  • Stonehenge in Summer by SisterPinkie

    Thanks Stephen - and thanks for your comments on my Hampton picture.
    Can't believe it's 5 years since I took this one! I got so lucky with the angle as you would never know it was teeming with visitors.

    Thanks again
    • 16 Jul 2014 9:27AM
  • Maasai Aerobics by SisterPinkie

    I had just spent 2 weeks working in clinics in the north west Turkana Region where the rural, pastoral way of life still has real meaning and a lot of extreme poverty so seeing this afterwards made me very uncomfortable and cynical. In hindsight I would rather have spent 3 weeks in Turkana!
    • 5 Jul 2014 3:14PM
  • portrait by mohikan22

    Very pretty girl and a gorgeous background. Lovely portrait. (maybe clone out that tiny bit of clothing under her left arm? - sorry if I'm being picky because the picture is gorgeous ...!)
    • 5 Jul 2014 2:48PM
  • Blue hour at Brooklyn Bridge by Cookie_Monster

    Bloody gorgeous!!! You're going to have some serious teaching to do in 3 weeks!!
    • 2 Jul 2014 2:15PM
  • Tightly packed by cats_123

    Fabulous series. The light is spot on - glorious day!
    • 13 Jun 2014 7:06AM
  • Mossy collection by Cookie_Monster

    Superb colours and bang on focusing. The Master shall return to being the student - fantastic work Christine, better all the time. xxx
    • 21 May 2014 5:53PM
  • Abandoned by Cookie_Monster

    Love the whole series. That's a day I'd have really enjoyed xx
    • 20 May 2014 2:10PM
  • Shadow House by cats_123

    Definitely the colour version. No real need to go B/W when the house is already such a lovely monochrome. The colour version feels really homely and warm but the B/W almost feels lifeless. Where did you find this super house? It's a great colour.
    • 17 May 2014 10:59AM
  • Cell block 4 by Cookie_Monster

    Beautiful lighting xx
    • 15 Apr 2014 10:31PM
  • Views around Arlington by Cookie_Monster

    4 and 5 for me. Grin
    • 10 Apr 2014 7:36PM