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welcome to my Portfolio,
My name is Richard Baines.Tongue
hope you like what you see.
send me a mesage anytime.
Advice alway Welcome.Smile

Thanks for looking .
God Bless,Sketch
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  • Posted on TerryMcK's profile

    Wow, out standing work.
    a wonderful PF. take care. Sketch
    • 4 Jan 2010 10:52PM
  • Posted on Dave_Henderson's profile

    Outstanding PF. Sketch
    • 10 Dec 2009 5:52PM
  • Posted on goso's profile

    Wonderfull PF, The cows eyes 'n' reflection are mi fav's.
    look like a lovely country you live in. RB
    • 10 Nov 2009 9:56AM
  • Posted on andylea's profile

    Stunning ,
    i like a good sunrize/set but my stuff ant as good as this PF.
    all mi best.R.B
    • 18 Sep 2009 4:41AM
  • Posted on dawnmichelle's profile

    What a Beautiful Pf.S
    • 6 Jan 2009 9:10PM

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