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  • New Brighton Perch Rock lighthouse with a Manchester in bound flight overhead.
  • By Not for Profit it means that you can earn a wage but but all other profits go back into the community.The company only as Limited Share Value.Yes I would like payment for the use of the image either by cash or product t,either wayit does not bring down the trade of professional photographers.Sponsorship is the same as income just worded different.
  • Hi I have been approached by a advertising agency.Their customer is a leading Camera manafacturer and they would like to use my image on their advertising campaign across Europe.They have said they will credit me with my name on all the adverts .But I have set up a Not for profit company and would like to approach this company for either some sort of sponsorship or trialing new equipment.I know the kudos of having a image used and credited to me is great.But I feel that they are getting paid to produce the advert so some assistance with equipment or some monetary reward would help keep the wolves away from thedoor.Am I over stepping the mark here.
  • Thanks Steve what sort of settings were you using
  • Yes I know I would only do Bats in flight.I already possess a Schedule 1 for Kingfishers as it is same principle .But the Bats are coming from a Barn about 400 metres away and two of them are using a hedgerow and swoop over my head at times
  • They are so much like Swifts but in the dark.I imagine high speed flash required for flight shots.
  • I have been watching a pair of Bats hunting over the hedgerow along side the brook.Any suggestions for photographing them or any past experience.
  • Looks so innocent now Adrian but I bet he won't be.


  • Moorhen Taylor Park St Helens Merseyside.
  • Theres alot around the Widnes /Prescot area. Just off M62.

  • Which way is up

  • Twins

  • West yorks Helicopter over Liverpool
  • Ian the longer focal length you have the more distance you can cover.With this in mind there is no need to invade a target species territory.This means less disturbance to habitat and also its food source.In the two lenses you have mentioned price wise and weight I don't think their is much difference. Hope this helps regards secondhand its a lottery and I would advise if you go for secondhand ensure you try it out prior to purchase.
  • Hi Keith

    They bhave changer their name to outdoorphotraphy gear here is the link
    http://www.outdoorphotographygear.co.uk/ I hope this helps.


  • Jules Ihope this helps

    Pubs, restaurants and hotels in England and Wales

    If you're under 16, you aren't normally allowed to go into a pub or other licensed premises where alcohol is sold and consumed unless you are accompanied by someone who is 18 or over.

    If you're under 18, it is an offence for you to buy or attempt to buy alcohol. It is also an offence for someone else to buy it for you if you're under 18.

    However, if you're aged 16 or 17, you are allowed to drink wine, beer, or cider (but not other alcohol) with a meal in a restaurant, hotel or part of a pub set apart for eating meals. You can only do this if someone aged 18 or over is with you at the meal and buys the alcohol.

    If you are 16 or over, you can buy liqueur chocolates.
  • Just asking as Brotherinlaw had same problem and it turned out it was a dud cartridge but it caused mayhem with printer. Even after he changed it overstill had problems.
  • Are you using HP cartridges or are they compatiables
  • We are looking for digital compacts so that our learners get a chance to produce some images.These can then be used to create a variety of montages and show learners natural colours to replicate pieces of artwork.
  • Hi to all epzers,

    Over the last twelve months I have joined up with a local wildlife artist and we have formulated a Not for Profit company.Our aim is to engage within communities to encourage disadvantaged individuals and encourage them to utilise local greenspaces. We have run a couple of pilot events to gauge the need in order to apply for some funding .But prior to this if anybody as any items that they no longer use and would like to donate them it would be greatly appreciated. Today we had a session with a group with a number of disabilities. To see these people enjoy this activity which is not normally available to them. The basis of the workshops isto encourage them to work in unison with eachother. We had two people one who was a sight impairment and the other physically impaired but they manged to demonstrate that they could work together and capture aimages on feeders but it got them communicating to us and other members of the public.
    A link to our website which is still under construction is www.nature-view.co.uk

    Kind Regards
  • One below zero
  • A sore point
  • This is such a sensitive issue that it hurts to think what these two boys went through .It is obvious that the inititial warning signs were adressed. But these kids are deployed a team of social workers, who are over stretched and it is impossible for them to deal with every case efficently. Todays society is all statistics which is just a tick box generation. Surely family and friends could of done more.It is often the case that people fall out with parents and the children suffer. Everybody knows somebody close or distant who is in need of some assistance and support. We all neeed to take a little time out of our busy schedule and give some time to them.
  • Colchester Camera repairs is a authorised Canon repairer.
  • Brilliant God help if you have a plane to catch .

    Well worth a look
  • If you contact the police and a crime as been committed the Harddrive would become evidence and you will be out of pocket.The hard drive would be returned to its rightful owner. I would confirm that the person who sold you the item was the same as seller, then give them the option of getting the data erased at a cost to them. Hope this helps.
  • Working Dogs by K.Nine
  • Wildlife Photography by R.S.CAPE
  • Weeblyyou can set up a site for free.It is drag and drop with a pro service which you can pay for.

    http://www.weebly.com/link/nBnopd Smile You get a months free Pro service as a trial with chance to upgrade this upto six months by getting people to build a site.
  • I understand that and I am just looking to split costings as I have found that most photo shoots in area are in excess of 100