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  • Feeders 14/02/11

    Well I finally decided to move my feeders on Sat 12/02/10 .Found a Wood that gets little disturbance except for local residents on Horsesback. There is a vast array of species.: Todays viitors Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Great Tit , Lt Tit, Nuthatch, Rob...

    14 Feb 2011 10:37PM | Read


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  • Feeders 01/02/11

    After a walk over to my feeders I was delighted to see a first visiting .A pair of Bullfinches were present but was soon chased off by the presence of a displaying pair of Sparrowhawk in the adjacent field. Also a pair of GSW and Jays were in the vic...

    1 Feb 2011 7:35PM | Read


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  • Feeders 24/01/11

    Been over to the feeders this morning .Still unsure whether to move to a new location.So went for a wander in adjacent fields and observed a pair of GSW busy tapping away showing that this was their terroritory. Also a large number of winter Thrushes...

    24 Jan 2011 12:46PM | Read


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