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A quick view of Skier's recent activity.

  • Stitch up.

    Coukd not resist dropping by . . . great shot, nicely done. Certainly did not look anything like this tonight though. Murky and grey . . . and damn cold!

    • 20 Nov 2009 5:08PM
  • Red Kite

    Wow - beautiful. Absolutely superb shot.
    • 7 Feb 2009 3:42AM
  • The Stepmother

    Absolutely magic. Now . . . the rest of the book? ! A modern Arthur Rackham.

    • 31 Aug 2008 8:48AM
  • Beetles About

    Now I get what HDR is about and can do. The sharpness is already fantastic but the way you have brought out the colours is superb. I know Cusco relatively well and (on my onitor at least) you have got the colours of the stone work (post storm) to a 'T'.

    Definately worth viewing large to catch the lady sat behind the car.

    Congrats on the PotW.

    • 3 Jun 2008 2:40PM
  • Broken Spirit

    I like what you have done here, but because you have three elements to the picture, they somehow need drawing together. A frame in some form (doesn't have to be heavy) or an 'edge' would finish it, otherwise it seems to 'drift'.

    In terms of the effect you have created, very Wuthering Heights . . .
    • 31 Oct 2006 8:44AM
  • Guantanamo Dog

    All kinds of stuff going on here imagery wise.

    Thanks for that.

    • 1 Mar 2008 3:46AM
  • Green Rock

    Great shot, big sky, well exposed.
    • 3 Aug 2006 7:53PM
  • Rob - your work is fantastic. I am honestly staggered that you have not picked up an EC before now. I love travel photography, but this really is something else.

  • Probably one of the most challenging portfolios on here. Deserves the attention. Enjoyed looking over it - thanks for being different.