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  • Model by day, Gothic Heroine by night. by skybump

    The dress is by Lip Service, who make a lot of awesome stuff; the model really enjoyed wearing it for an hour.
    It was shot in the middle of a cloudy afternoon with just one speedlight through an umbrella.
    Yes, I was in two minds about the graffiti but left it in as Urban Grittiness..
    Appreciate your comment Smile
    • 3 Jun 2016 2:30PM
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  • Posted on: Sony Alpha A7 Mark III Full Review

    I've had mine for a few weeks with Sigma lenses and their MC11 (no Sony lenses) and am in agreement it ticks so very many boxes for the money it's really worth it. However I've some warnings for potential buyers:
    - It can't focus on horizontal edges (in phase detect). It just can't! Isn't that worth mentioning? Hopefully it's just on Sigma lenses. Anyone else know?
    - Only my Sigma Art 35 lens produces good results. The 12-24 and 70-200 aren't bad, the 85mm isn't great.
    - Yes it's a mini a9 in some respects but the focus tracking is certainly a little more indecisive than the a9, and as it says here silent shooting of moving objects falls victim to bendy pictures. The latter is an 'edge case' I know.
    - Eye AF is cool in studio but not worth trying to use on a shot you might miss.
    - Just as they don't mention which pd sensors are H,V or cross, No-one mentions which of the pd points are more sensitive - a Sony engineer said the central ones are a bit better but I haven't been able to measure it.
    - Compared to my old Canon DSLR, the controls are a bit more laggy especially moving ISO around. But there are more controls because it does so much more. I'm getting the hang of just putting the setup I like into a memory as I did with the Canons.
    -This won't surprise anyone but in case someone was wondering - no the Tamron 24-70 doesn't work well at all with the Sigma (clue's in the name) MC11.

    On the plus side, the dynamic range and colour stability are great. In particular, colours in high iso dark areas remain stable, which is a hangup I had with my old 6D and 5d3 - they just couldn't produce stable blacks.

    Thanks as always for the great reviews.
    • 22 Apr 2018 2:01PM
  • Posted on: Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 VC USD Lens Review

    am with dave18 - there isn't a 'best' lens, just a 'most suitable for your needs' lens, which is why I like these reviews so much, and so it's very positive to say that VC/OS/IS "will appeal to many".
    To that end I'd also nudge dave18 that brand loyalty may well suit people for different reasons such as discounts or service contracts or whatever, and the canon one is certainly better and quicker to focus if money isn't the top priority. I got some for work, and they pay themselves back.

    re this lens, it is indeed attractive to me, as I can't afford the canon and will probably choose this over the sigma full frame equivalent now, much as i love my sigma 17-50/2.8 for my aps-c. I'm no good at brand loyalty myself!
    Not only would it be great for wedding situations, I live in England, where we just don't have that much light generally Wink

    Ephotozine, Thanks for taking the time to make such in-depth reviews and post them for free, it's appreciated.
    • 17 May 2013 10:31AM

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