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  • want to buy my next DSLR on-line. Before I spend 800 and supply my card details, I'm concerned about trusted sites that will deliver the product without worry.

    Any feedback on who is best. thanks
  • I'm a KM 5D user. bought it 4 years ago in the same month Sony bought KM. Been very happy using the 18-70mm lens and also bought a Tamron 300mm.

    I want to upgrade now as I have a few quid to spend (hopefully wisely)

    I really like the Image Stabilisation feature of my KM 5d. All the Sony's have that. I've read so many reviews, some of which are contradictory. "the A330 at 10mp gives a higher quality than the A350 at 14.2mp blah blah"

    I do mostly landscape, some portrait. I've no interest in live view feature. Is it the Sony A330, 350, 380 or A700?

    I've listened to so many opinions, I would appreciate some more!

  • I want to sell my Konika Minolta Dynax 5D (UK)
    Other than e-bay, any suggestions on internet sites for selling my own DSLR.

    Local Camera shops not interested in trade-in.Also, any suggestions on what I should use for an asking price.

    Bought new in Jan 2006 (495), It has the standard 18-70mm lens and I also added a Tamron 70-300mm Macro Zoom in June 2006 (140)

    Thanks for any help
  • D300 - I've read all the reviews. Sounds great. I've had a KM Dynax 5D for nearly three years. The week after I bought the KM, Sony bought Minolta.

    Prices on D300 still high, but I'm looking for some really positive feedback before I take the step. Has anyone bought their D300 over the Internet (I still have this fear of Internet credit card Fraud)

    Any relliable and competitive sources you would recommend in UK