Panasonic 'Nature' Competition - Win A LUMIX FZ1000 II!



Thanks for looking at my portfolio.

All comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Hope you enjoy the photos

Thanks to wamp for the PF shot.
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A quick view of Slaterm's recent activity.

  • Crisp and Cold

    looks like we missed each other Jeanie
    • 15 Jan 2012 8:08PM
  • Utter Rubish

    I did my best Peter Wink
    • 13 Jan 2012 9:27AM
  • Jetty with clouds and a boat - oh and some trees and a small dog

    thanks Peter - glad you like it
    • 12 Dec 2011 9:14AM
  • Shrouded

    can't beat a bit of scotch mist!
    • 21 Nov 2011 6:43PM
  • Misty Hilly Hop

    horizon looks ok to me mate - rest of it though........ Wink
    • 12 Nov 2011 4:09PM
  • Patchwork Light

    my kind of shot - could be a regency period landscape painting
    • 15 Sep 2011 11:05AM
  • Brandlehow Burst ...

    congrats on POTW - will look good on canvas
    • 22 Jul 2011 10:20AM
  • Love your PF Ian - not got time (at work!) to go through it all. Will come back when I am less busy

  • Hi Paul - the PF is cracking as always - am just sorry I don't get too much time on here to browse some more. Mark
  • not seen your PF before. Have bookmarked it and will be browsing more when I have the time. Looks good
  • cannot believe I haven't seen your PF before - will be coming back. Great landscape images.

  • Really good PF Nick. I will be coming back to see this one again. Deserves a lot more attention than it currently gets.

  • I see you have finally enabled PF comments Smile This is one of the best kept secrets on EPz IMO. A cracking PF full of fine landscape work.
    • Posted on vulkan's profile
    • 30 Oct 2007 4:20PM
  • not looked at your PF for a while but is always a pleasure to view. Especially like you landscape work. Makes me realise I should get on the road a bit more.

  • You have some good stuff in here Sam. Nice PF. Nice and varied. Keep it up.

  • Noemi - have been catching up with your PF again today. I think this is definitely one of my favourites. You have a rare eye for a shot. Looking forward to more of the same.

  • Just found your PF - very good stuff in here. Have bookmarked to come back (when I'm not a work!!)

    • Posted on chesh's profile
    • 14 May 2007 2:42PM