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SlowSong's Blog


Thanks for dropping by. All clicks and comments very much appreciated. Smile

I like documentary and street photography, but a bit of anything else on the side. I tend not to use Photoshop too much, just sticking to the basic adjustments, but sometimes break free to try something "arty".

Thank you for visiting. I love seeing all your photos and hope you like mine.

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  • 'avin' a fag

    Went on one of those guided walks around the legal district today, It was heavy on info but very light on the visual. The highlight was coming across a butt bin which was itself smoking. :) There was a lot more smoke than this but the wind kept b...


    14 Jul 2017 6:45PM | Read


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  • Pretty Things

    The flowers seem to be wilting in the heat, and generally just coming to the end of their season. These little daisy things didn't last long, but that's because the pigeons seemed to have taken a shine to them. Such a pretty lunch, and alas now jus...


    7 Jul 2017 12:06PM | Read


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  • Splashing Robin

    So hot. I have lots of water bowls around the garden for the birds and other creatures and here is a little robin cooling off. I love watching the birds splashing about and hearing them squawking and enjoying themselves.


    6 Jul 2017 8:37AM | Read


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  • Floyd

    Visited the Pink Floyd exhibition at the V&A on Monday and can't recommend it highly enough. Tons to see and hear, all beautifully presented as only the V&A can do. I took quite a few snaps but it was very dark in places and very light in others, s...


    5 Jul 2017 3:29PM | Read


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  • Why Ferns Die

    Well they do eventually turn to brown mush in my garden, and the culprit is ................................. Frankie, caught in the act. He particularly likes to wee in the bushes, but he is a boy. ;) Update on Frostie. He came into the gard...


    1 Jul 2017 12:52PM | Read


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  • A Bit of Culture

    Have been to see two excellent exhibitions this week. Gregory Crewdson at the Photographers' Gallery and The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy. Both very enjoyable, but one of them left me hundreds of quids out of pocket. :) And if any of you l...

    29 Jun 2017 6:38PM | Read


    Views : 101

  • All's Well?

    Well, an update to the Frostie story. After two weeks being homed at the vet's, the owners still hadn't claimed him. Anyway, the next day, home-made posters appeared on trees and lampposts asking if anyone had seen a pure white cat as he'd gone mis...


    24 Jun 2017 10:40AM | Read


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  • Cherry

    An ex cherry blossom. They look rather pretty with or without petals. The cherries on our tree are just ripening but the tree's very old and the fruit doesn't taste so nice these days. And it's quite small. And the birds get most of the cherries....


    22 Jun 2017 4:18PM | Read


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  • Everything's Coming Up Tomatoes :-)

    Took some snaps of my tomatoes today. I've not grown any fruit or veg before so I'm really thrilled to see that they're emerging. The biggest of these is about half an inch diameter, so a way to go yet. I put a vintage camera filter over one of th...


    19 Jun 2017 11:39AM | Read


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  • No.1 - I think

    They have some pretty posh houses around the Holland Park area. I particularly liked No.1 where they'd gone that extra mile to make their front steps even prettier.


    16 Jun 2017 4:35PM | Read


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  • Sorting

    St.John's Church, Notting Hill. The end of a huge sorting session of donations.


    15 Jun 2017 5:21PM | Read


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  • Dawn Chorus

    Every morning I get woken up not by a wonderful sweet song, but the racket made by the many crows that inhabit my local area. If not them it's pigeons or doves, which are almost as loud. I think the blackbirds should start fighting back. Here a...


    14 Jun 2017 9:17AM | Read


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  • Another One

    This is another lovely little cat that is a frequent visitor to our garden. Again, no collar, but it looks healthy enough. Still no news from the vet about Frostie. :( I did send an email asking about him but they didn't reply. It seems tha...


    12 Jun 2017 6:01PM | Read


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  • Frostie in Custody

    I'm a bit sad today because I was worried about little Frostie. He's been visiting our house for a month or so and was very, very thin and bony, and always seemed to sleep in my neighbour's shed so we didn't know if he had a home or not. Anyway, he ...


    8 Jun 2017 9:17AM | Read


    Views : 275

  • Nearly!

    The rain stopped just in time. Another half an hour and I reckon our garden shed would have been flooded.


    2 Jun 2017 6:36PM | Read


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