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Thanks for dropping by. All clicks and comments very much appreciated. Smile

I like documentary and street photography, but a bit of anything else on the side. I tend not to use Photoshop too much, just sticking to the basic adjustments, but sometimes break free to try something "arty".

Thank you for visiting. I love seeing all your photos and hope you like mine.

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  • While the Cat's Away

    Cheeky black cat from down the road settling down in my bay tree pot. Mind you, I think the bay tree's had it so he's welcome. He was very comfy. :) Frankie got his results today and although it's quite serious, it's not lymphoma, and the situat...


    8 Nov 2018 2:16PM | Read


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  • A Lovely Day to go Outside ............

    .... but unfortunately poor Frankie is confined to barracks. Here he is looking longingly through the window. :(


    5 Nov 2018 2:04PM | Read


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  • Poor Lad

    My poor cat Frankie has been in and out of hospital this week as he stopped eating and was losing lots of weight. He's had x-rays, scans, blood tests and, yesterday, a biopsy. Vet thinks it might be lymphoma. Anyway, we're feeding him through a tube...


    3 Nov 2018 10:53AM | Read


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  • Home from Home

    Finally got to see if Frostie uses his new cat home in the garden. Success. I thought he was a smallish cat but it looks as if he just about fits in. Anyway, there's a nice fluffy heat rug inside so he's nice and snug. At least I didn't waste m...


    4 Oct 2018 6:16PM | Read


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  • Des Res

    Well, this little white cat, Frostie, visits every day for meals and I know he'd love to come and live with us but he belongs to a lady down the road. He got to be really, really thin because she never seemed to be in which is why we started feeding...


    14 Sep 2018 4:24PM | Read


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  • Extra Large

    I forgot to look for the name of these huge plants in Kew Gardens but they look like irises with massive leaves. They were being watered via a spray in the middle of the plant hence the mist.


    9 Sep 2018 11:54AM | Read


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  • A Bit Messy

    I took these two shots last week in Hyde Park but it was a very cluttered area. In the first picture I was looking at the girl on the bench mirroring the statue, she on her phone and the statue in a similar pose. In the second image I saw the same ...


    1 Sep 2018 11:38AM | Read


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  • Never Again

    OK, last (promise) post re the pigeons. Have just cleared away all the stuff that was wrapped around the tree to ward off the cat. I got covered in rancid water in the process as the rain had collected in the plastic wrapping. As well as bird drop...


    13 Aug 2018 11:36AM | Read


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  • The Watchers

    More of the pigeons. I had a good morning tidying up the garden and sat down on the bench under the cherry tree to rest. I looked up and saw the partners in crime. :) I suspect they were waiting for a parent to come and feed them as they've only ...


    12 Aug 2018 12:24PM | Read


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  • First Day Out

    Well, woodpigeon chick No.1 has fledged and I was lucky enough to see it tucking into the laurel tree berries. It looks big and healthy. No.2 is still on the nest but it shouldn't be too long before that ones flies off as well. So far so good. :) ...


    10 Aug 2018 4:41PM | Read


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  • Day 18 or 20

    Not quite sure when the chicks hatched, but this is them day 18 or 20. Only another 10 or so days to go before they leave the nest. Those little wings are getting bigger every day. :) There are two chicks but I can only ever see one as the other ...


    6 Aug 2018 11:37AM | Read


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  • Getting Bigger

    Almost teenagers now. Parents leave them alone while they go off to feed. Taken through my dirty kitchen window so as not to disturb them hence the haze.


    31 Jul 2018 4:39PM | Read


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  • Two Chicks

    I was a bit worried about the woodpigeon chick as the only protection from the sun is by way of a few laburnum leaves. But fear not! There are TWO chicks and I managed to get a couple of shots of them being fed, one each side of mum's beak. Gorgeo...


    27 Jul 2018 12:29PM | Read


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  • Starting Out

    A german shepherd pup. Will she suceed as a guide dog, or perhaps she'll totally fail training and become someone's pet instead. Whatever, she's taking her first steps on the road and at the moment is utterly gorgeous, playful and getting masses of...


    26 Jul 2018 9:26AM | Read


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  • Home from Home

    Due to the totally rubbish building skills of our local woodpigeon couple, they didn't manage to build a nest in the laburnum tree this year. Mum was getting broody so we took it upon ourselves to make them a desres. They moved in immediately. Unf...


    30 Jun 2018 11:43AM | Read


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