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I like documentary and street photography, but a bit of anything else on the side. I tend not to use Photoshop too much, just sticking to the basic adjustments, but sometimes break free to try something "arty".

Thank you for visiting. I love seeing all your photos and hope you like mine.

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  • What Frostie Does Best


    22 Jan 2020 11:55AM | Read


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  • The Valentine

    Well, they've finally knocked down the old Valentine public house at Gants Hill. It was a rowdy, grotty old pub, but the original building was OK. Another landmark gone. I can't seem to find any history about the place, but perhaps it didn't have a...


    12 Jan 2020 4:27PM | Read


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  • Sparrowhawk

    A lovely sparrowhawk visited the garden yesterday. It sat around for about 10 mins but the birds weren't playing, so she eventually flew off.


    12 Jan 2020 4:14PM | Read


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  • Frostie's Christmas

    I wish Frostie would pose nicely like Ledley does. Ho hum. Never mind. Here he is with his personally chosen Christmas Card for us. Seeing as he's a real piggy, it's entirely appropriate. Happy Christmas all, and to all your animals too. :)


    25 Dec 2019 10:51AM | Read


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  • New Camera - Same Cat

    Traded in lots of old stuff yesterday and got a Canon 77D part=ex. I'm very impressed already. This is cropped about 50% and is the jpeg with a few adjustments. ISO 3200. Obviously, Frostie was eager to try it out. :)


    17 Dec 2019 2:38PM | Read


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  • Cat and Ellie

    Frostie loves his toys, especially this elephant doorstop. He leaps on it and gives it what for at every opportunity. He's looking a bit serious here as he wants to play, not have his photo taken. I got the message in the end. :)


    26 Nov 2019 3:17PM | Read


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  • Back from Hols

    While we were in Wales, Frostie, doggy and ducky went to the cattery. I don't think they were too impressed, and were very happy to come home. The obligatory back-home-from-holiday snap was in order, so here they are all reunited in the living room...


    21 Sep 2019 11:22AM | Read


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  • End of Summer

    Frostie's last days hiding amongst the flowers - and getting pretty dirty in the process. He now takes refuge under the lean-to, which is better for me as it's cleaner. :)


    11 Sep 2019 9:09AM | Read


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  • Fujifilm XP130

    I'm hoping to see some dolphins in Cardigan Bay soon so rather than risk my nice cameras with spray and wind, I got myself a cheap little waterproof/shockproof camera and have been giving it a try out this afternoon. It's the most basic camera I've ...


    6 Sep 2019 6:28PM | Read


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  • Test Card

    Test your lenses or your eyes. An old test card used in the TV industry many moons ago.


    26 Aug 2019 1:45PM | Read


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  • Friends

    Frostie loves his doggy toy, which is actually a door stop with a brick in it. He also loves his ducky on elastic and chases it all over the rug, and when it lands on doggy, doggy gets it good and proper. He's looking a bit laid back here, but he's...


    15 Aug 2019 10:24PM | Read


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  • Phone pic

    I was trying out the camera on my old phone earlier, just to see if I ever thought it might be worth upgrading to a swanky phone with a view to taking pics with it rather than carry around a compact camera. I don't think it's worth forking out a fort...


    10 Aug 2019 2:36PM | Read


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  • Grizzly

    Frostie has just surpassed himself in the very naughty boy stakes. He came in the cat flap with a sparrow in his mouth but when he saw me he dashed out again. He then sat on the lawn and ate the whole sparrow, head, legs, feathers - the lot. Then ...

    30 Jul 2019 3:48PM | Read


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  • Light as a Feather

    We've had a jay visit our garden recently, an unusual occurrence. But I found a tiny feather on the lawn earlier today and it's so pretty I think I'll keep it. Photographing it was weird as the light seemed to strobe over it.


    18 Jul 2019 2:32PM | Read


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  • Nothing on TV Again

    Frostie gets so fed up with TV.


    11 Jul 2019 5:29PM | Read


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