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SlowSong's Blog


Thanks for dropping by. All clicks and comments very much appreciated. Smile

I like documentary and street photography, but a bit of anything else on the side. I tend not to use Photoshop too much, just sticking to the basic adjustments, but sometimes break free to try something "arty".

Thank you for visiting. I love seeing all your photos and hope you like mine.

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  • Low Light and the Lumix TZ100

    Took the new compact out for a spin today and am pleased with it, especially noise handling in dark places. This shot was taken in the darkest of conditions in a museum and although showed some noise it was easily taken down in PS. With the basic t...


    14 May 2018 3:58PM | Read


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  • Home is where the Heart is.

    Took a walk around our local park but it was surprisingly empty of birds. No idea where they've gone, although the council have done a lot of clearing the banks and dredging so they might have scared them away. Anyway, at least one coot has found a ...


    13 May 2018 11:04AM | Read


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  • Frankie in the Flowerbed

    OK, enough cats already! But I can't resist another one of my Frankie sitting in the flower bed, which also doubles up as his toilet. :)


    26 Apr 2018 11:56AM | Read


    Views : 208

  • Another One

    About 8 or 9 different cats wander regularly through our garden. This is one of the black and white ones. His head looks as if it's been stuck on. Sometimes it's hard to tell the different black and white cats apart but this one stands out.


    21 Apr 2018 10:34AM | Read


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  • Latka

    Seems like all the cats in the neighbourhood love my garden. This is another frequent visitor from next door, Latka. She's a real sweety but is prone to the odd temper tantrum.


    19 Apr 2018 2:58PM | Read


    Views : 262

  • Happy Cat

    Oh how Frostie loves the sun. Unfortunately, being pure white, his ears go very red and he's in danger of getting sunburn. Try telling him that though. :) At least he's in a bit of shade here.


    18 Apr 2018 3:28PM | Read


    Views : 271

  • Ghostly Apparition

    Someone's having a laugh over the back garden. I came out of my room and saw this thing peering over the fence into the neighbour's garden. From a distance it looked really weird so of course I got the long lens out and had a look. Either someone'...


    6 Apr 2018 4:14PM | Read


    Views : 263

  • Frankie and Frostie

    After Frostie wore Frankie out with a chasing game they both settled down at the bottom of the garden for a rest in the sunshine. Good boys. :):):)


    5 Apr 2018 4:36PM | Read


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  • Public Spirit

    Easter Day and so far the weather's not bad. Overcast but not raining. I just wanted to illustrate how some members of my local area are really public spirited and have to thank this chicken shop, of all things, for helping the homeless and elderly. ...


    1 Apr 2018 9:13AM | Read


    Views : 216

  • After the Party

    Chinese new year was a few weeks ago but there's still an awful lot of rubbish and clutter around the area. But then, Charing Cross Road and the surroundings must be some of the ugliest and dirtiest streets in London. This is just a b/w experiment ...


    22 Mar 2018 3:24PM | Read


    Views : 218

  • Zen's not all it's cracked up to be

    OK, I haven't given it much time or thought. I uploaded this to the gallery earlier but took it down as it really doesn't say anything. I was just playing around because it's really, really cold outside. Anyway, shame to waste it so I'll put it her...


    19 Mar 2018 2:18PM | Read


    Views : 247

  • Sap is Rising (or, rather, Oozing)

    Our cherry tree is about 40 years old and has lost lots of branches and has a big fungus growing around the base. But every year it just keeps going and gives us months of beauty, if not so many cherries these days (thanks to the birds and its age)....


    17 Mar 2018 11:35AM | Read


    Views : 248

  • Fluffy

    Still feeding the neighbourhood cats as well as my own. This is little Fluffy and she's quite boney under all that fur. I'm not sure if she has an owner but a little bit extra food in the garden can't hurt, can it? :)


    10 Mar 2018 1:03PM | Read


    Views : 209

  • Rock Bottom

    I didn't mean to use the title above as a description of the image but it now seems quite apt. What I really mean is, where has my enthusiasm gone? I need a project, or to get immersed into a subject that captures my imagination and holds it, but I...


    7 Mar 2018 9:23AM | Read


    Views : 227

  • Gone - the lovely old Sycamore

    Just seen, with horror, that the people over the back are getting their beautiful, old sycamore tree cut down. It's been there for about 50 years and is used by birds, squirrels and all sorts. It's a lovely tree and I'm heartbroken it's going. More ...


    12 Feb 2018 1:05PM | Read


    Views : 1751