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SlowSong's Blog


Thanks for dropping by. All clicks and comments very much appreciated. Smile

I like documentary and street photography, but a bit of anything else on the side. I tend not to use Photoshop too much, just sticking to the basic adjustments, but sometimes break free to try something "arty".

Thank you for visiting. I love seeing all your photos and hope you like mine.

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  • Frostie doing his Ballet

    Watching The Red Shoes on TV yesterday, and Frostie seemed to be joining in. Hubs took this photo on his mobile so not such good quality, but I thought it was cute. 0


    26 Dec 2020 11:57AM  |  Read


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  • Moonset

    Got up to feed the cat at 7.30ish this morning and saw the moon setting over the roofs at the back of the house. The quality of light was wonderful, but unfortunately not easy to capture. Just took a record shot though. It was beautiful. You'll h...0


    1 Dec 2020 11:32AM  |  Read


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  • Here we go Again

    Frostie is always getting something!!! He's now got stiches in his mouth and on his back. Day one of a 10-day lockdown for him. It would be nice to go for at least six months without him having to go to the vet. :( 0


    15 Oct 2020 11:45AM  |  Read


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  • Pooped

    We've been decorating all week and we're worn out. Frostie didn't help at all so I've no idea why he's so tired. 0


    27 Jul 2020 6:41PM  |  Read


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  • Heybridge Basin

    Went for our first "proper" day out today, to Heybridge Basin, Maldon, Essex. I've often snapped these old wrecks but they're finally sinking into the mud and rotting away. Quite sad really, but it was a lovely trip. And we had fish and chips. :) ...0


    22 Jul 2020 5:15PM  |  Read


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  • Frostie TV

    Poor Frostie had to be kept in for a week as he had a poor paw. He didn't enjoy it one bit, him being an outdoor cat, but I found some videos for cats on YouTube and he really liked the bird ones. Once he found that he couldn't actually chase them ...0


    18 Jul 2020 3:00PM  |  Read


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  • Fly

    I quite often see pics of flies in the gallery. They're pretty ugly things, but this one was just sitting around yesterday so I grabbed it while I could. 0


    14 Jul 2020 12:36PM  |  Read


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  • Parklife

    More birdlife on the local pond. Getting a bit hot again. 0


    23 Jun 2020 4:28PM  |  Read


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  • Do It Yourself

    Car Maintenance. 0


    20 Jun 2020 1:59PM  |  Read


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  • Awake / Asleep

    A lovely procession of swans on the lake today, just drifting in the middle. Then all at once, they fell asleep. Really cute. :) 0


    14 Jun 2020 4:42PM  |  Read


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  • Happiness

    My husband found this photo on line but doesn't know anything about it. I love it - so joyous. 0


    11 Jun 2020 11:56AM  |  Read


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  • Another Fine Mess

    This is what happens when you iron a polyester T-shirt with a very hot iron. The stuff peeled off of the iron eventually leaving these rather attractive bits of stuff, but the T was history. 0


    5 Jun 2020 3:13PM  |  Read


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  • Walk on the Wild Side

    Hubs doing the shopping with his cat trolley. :) 0


    4 Jun 2020 1:24PM  |  Read


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  • More Swans

    I liked this swan because it had its foot stuck up its back and it looked as if it was signalling to go left. Everyone else was just doing their own thing too. Phew, hot walk today. 0


    2 Jun 2020 4:06PM  |  Read


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  • Tidying up the Garden

    We've cut down a very big, twiggy bush and re-arranged some of our other plants. I hope they survive. We're not really green-fingered folk and we quite often have to dig up dead things. 0


    1 Jun 2020 1:12PM  |  Read


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