Last Days of Peace and Quiet


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Last Days of Peace and Quiet

24 Feb 2014 10:37AM   Views : 400 Unique : 278

After 1 1/2 years, the empty house next door is showing signs of life. Workmen, to be precise. So, just as spring and summer are coming there'll be no peace and quiet for us in our garden. I'm quite dreading it. I hate workmen and builders hanging around, and the ones I've had dealings with aren't too bothered about respecting our property. I hope Gracie manages to get some sun anyway, but this is her this morning sitting on her warm brick "seat" down by the wildlife patch while it was still quiet.


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KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
24 Feb 2014 11:25AM
My husband is a builder.

Not all builders are the same. Everyone seems to hate them, watching television programmes about 'cowboys' doesn't help!!

Graham is hard working (he even goes out on a Sunday in an fact during gales a few years ago he went out on Christmas day to help firemen secure the end of a house!), he is concientious and so popular he has a six month (at least) waiting list.

Customers are a pain in the backside - they think nothing of phoning very late at night and weekends. They think it's their right to change their minds half way through a job and then complain when the job takes twice as long and is more expensive then the estimate. When the job is finished, they complain when a bill is eventually presented (okay, Graham can be a little slow with the paperwork!) and sometimes don't pay for months....................3 years, several letters (some recorded delivery) and two Solicitors letters for the last one!

If you have problems with the builders, have a quiet (polite) word with them, they might be nice guys and simply don't realise they are disturbing you. There are rules and regulations about what time of day they can start/stop work and you do have certain rights as to the amount of noise they can/can't make.

I hope it won't be as bad as you think, but don't forget you may need a builder one day! Smile
KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
24 Feb 2014 11:36AM
I've popped into 'Google' and found this page which might be of some help to you:-

Builders Noise Link
cattyal Avatar
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
24 Feb 2014 12:54PM
I have to say the only problem I have with builders is their insistence on having the flipping radio on all day. I absolutely loathe having background music - even more so the radio - so it drives me bonkers. That said, my neighbours put their radio in their open kitchen window during the summer and that too drives me nuts.
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
24 Feb 2014 2:04PM
Well I wish Graham lived near us then Karen. Grin

Us personally have not been lucky enough to get good ones, I mean "nice" ones to do our work, but the guy next door is using cheap labour, the likes of which have no regard for nature or other people. They shout at each other in their own language a Lot and seem to have no knowledge of the English language when I've tried in the past to talk to them. The last lot of workmen he employed a few months ago tore out every tree and plant in the garden, leaving stumps and mess, and then cobbled together a white plastic garage in place of the nice rustic one that was there before so now that's all we can see when we look out of our living room window. Oh, and then they replaced the glass windows in the shed leaving much of the old glass shrewn across the fence into our garden. That was after they'd sawn down half my beautiful bush without even asking. Obviously, they pleaded ignorance when spoken to, which I did do, nicely, but it was too late then. And I assure you, we bend over backwards to be nice to builders because we're always hoping that they'll reciprocate, but so far all we've had is moaners, work not done that well and arguments.

TBH, I'm frightened of them.
KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
24 Feb 2014 3:35PM
Sounds horrific!!

Don't be afraid to go to your local Council - they will look into any complaints, or at least tell you who you should talk to (they will also know who to contact regarding Work Permits etc.) There's nothing worse then a building company giving all builders a bad reputation.................taking work from honest, hard workers and not paying taxes (if you get my drift!). Don't put up with any nonsense!!
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
24 Feb 2014 3:59PM
The thing is, he seems to be using 'friends and family' rather than proper tradesmen. He's doing the work on the cheap. When they tore down all the bushes they left the fence practically falling down and when the high winds finished it off we got panels and mended it ourselves otherwise it would have stayed broken.
No use moaning to the council as it's private property and they're really not interested. And we do have to live next door to the new people so really don't want to make waves.
KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
24 Feb 2014 5:55PM

Quote:He's doing the work on the cheap.

I would hate to own that house when he's finished!! It is illegal for them to sell the house if they have done the electrics themselves! (All electrical work has to be done by a qualified electrician nowadays!)

Have you thought of contacting Citizen's Advice Bureau - they will have all the information you'd need at their fingertips and are there to help!
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
24 Feb 2014 6:01PM
To be honest Karen, it's his house and if it all goes t*ts up that's down to him. I just hope the workmen don't disrupt us too much.

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