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Not Quite There Yet

6 Jan 2019 10:37AM   Views : 656 Unique : 350

Well, Frostie is not turning out as expected. He's been here since Thursday evening but all he seems to have done is sleep. All day. I've enticed him into the garden a couple of times by dragging a rope mouse around the lawn for him to chase, which he does, but he seems to have lost his appetite too. I'm not even sure he's been to the toilet either. This is so unlike the lively, naughty cat we used to know.

The owners said he changed about a month or so ago and was then frightened by fireworks. They said he'd been a bit picky about eating too, but when he visited us before he used to wolf down everything we gave him.

It was about a month ago we lost our gorgeous Frankie, and Frostie used to love him and follow him everywhere. I'm just hoping that Frostie is still settling in and that there's nothing wrong with him. Perhaps he's just puzzled and a bit lonely without his pal.

Anyway, it's a bit worrying, but early days yet. If anyone who knows about cats has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.


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KarenFB Avatar
KarenFB Plus
17 6.0k 185 England
6 Jan 2019 4:10PM
When my Taffy is under the weather and off his food, he will rouse himself for a little cooked chicken (cats mustn't be given the bones, cooked or otherwise!), or even better, ham (which can be useful when giving tablets!). Though I suspect he does lay it on a bit longer then necessary to keep having the treats! I hope Frosty settles down soon, he's a gorgeous looking cat!
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
6 Jan 2019 6:38PM
Well we've got chicken tonight so he'll definitely be given a small bowl. Perhaps now he's not having to beg for food any more he's relaxed about it more. I'm going to wait until he asks for food before i put a bowl down, which he's more used to.

When i take him to the vet I'll get his blood tested just to see if there are any indications and take it from there. It's particularly worrying for me because our beloved Frankie died of a wasting disease as he wouldn't and couldn't eat. Quite upsetting but we'll do whatever's needed.

Thanks Karen.
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
6 Jan 2019 7:59PM
Update... Frostie came downstairs as i was washing up and actually asked for food. So he got a nice chicken dinner. Smile Hope he keeps up the good work.
saltireblue Avatar
saltireblue Plus
13 14.5k 89 Norway
7 Jan 2019 9:39AM
Our cats always had dry food available 24/7 plus fresh water. That way they could come and eat whenever they wanted. They only had 'wet' food once a week as a treat.
That was the advice our vet gave us. She said that we don't always feel hungry at the same time every day, and pets are no different. Having food on tap all day didn't lead to over-eating, and they always had a choice between two flavours in the bowls.
SlowSong Avatar
SlowSong Plus
15 11.1k 30 England
7 Jan 2019 10:03AM
Thanks Malc. I always leave a bowl of dry food down so they can graze as and when. This morning he came in from the garden and asked for food so I put down some wet and he ate OK. Not a lot, but enough, and from now on I'll just put wet food down when he asks. After all, that's what used to happen when he lived outside so having food constantly available is not his usual way of things.

Thanks Malc and Karen. He's certainly starting to become "normal" around the house and even sat on the sofa with me last night and watched TV for a while. That was nice. Smile

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