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Thanks for dropping by. All clicks and comments very much appreciated. Smile

I like documentary and street photography, but a bit of anything else on the side. I tend not to use Photoshop too much, just sticking to the basic adjustments, but sometimes break free to try something "arty".

Thank you for visiting. I love seeing all your photos and hope you like mine.

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  • How Many is Too Many

    Well, things have calmed down massively now that the games are over. It was great while it lasted but it is nice to get back to normal. Normality is so much more photographically relaxing. When I go to these events I feel as if I've got to tak...

    12 Sep 2012 4:52PM | Read


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  • Olympians' Parade

    Well, what a great day. Got a spot in front of St.Paul's as it's a nice backdrop and the sun was behind me, although by the time the parade came past it was sort of overhead so contrast was a problem. Got some nice souvenir shots though. You can see...


    10 Sep 2012 5:58PM | Read


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  • T&F Paralympics

    I finally got a ticket to go to the Olympic Stadium. :) Seeing as I live only 5 stops on the underground from the Park it would've been criminal not to go, although I've had no interest in athetics or sport as such since I was a teenager when I compe...


    9 Sep 2012 10:30AM | Read


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  • Equestrian Paralympics

    Sophie Wells on Pinocchio winning her round this morning of the Grade IV Dressage at Greenwich. Go Sophie and Team GB! :) I took the G11 but it didn't really have the reach and it was a very bright day. I saw some people with DSLRs and long lenses...


    31 Aug 2012 1:33PM | Read


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  • The Postman's Park

    Aldersgate, London. This road leads from St Paul's underground up to the Barbican. About half way along is a small church next to which is the Postman's Park. One of London's quiet corners. Here's just a snap of the ferns with some original building...


    30 Aug 2012 1:13PM | Read


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  • Belisha

    Snazzy new Belisha beacons at the zebra crossings around the O2 (Dome) arena. They've put two rows of little LCD lights which flash around the main one. No idea why, surely we can still all see the main light in the middle. :)


    29 Aug 2012 9:23AM | Read


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  • Pressed

    Seen in a dry cleaner's window in the City. Obviously laundered shirts which had been ironed and hung up awaiting collection, but I did wonder if when the customers put on their nice clean shirts they were puzzled as to why one sleeve was pristine a...


    28 Aug 2012 2:53PM | Read


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  • Out with the Old

    Had a lovely wander around in London today. I started off at the Museum of London and looked at lots of old stuff (including a video of the Wooden Tops), then I popped into the Postman's Churchyard on the way back to St Pauls and pondered the afterl...


    27 Aug 2012 3:52PM | Read


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  • Cable Car across the Thames

    The atmosphere was very clear today with attractive fluffy clouds in the sky so I decided to take a trip on the new cable car that runs across the Thames from the Excel Centre to the O2 Arena (or The Dome, as I prefer to call it). What fun. Took a f...


    25 Aug 2012 2:46PM | Read


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  • The Tanks

    Just had a great few hours at Tate Modern. They've now opened up The Tanks, the underground storage places for when it was a working turbine. Each tank holds a different exhibition from videos, to installations and lights. It's brilliant, and if yo...


    16 Aug 2012 3:47PM | Read


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  • The New Photographers Gallery

    I've been itching to get to the new gallery so I went out today looking forward to a good old mooch round, a riffle through the books and mags and perhaps a coffee in the canteen. Mmmmm. I'm sure it's all very nice and clean and smart - all white w...

    14 Aug 2012 1:31PM | Read


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