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However you happened to get here, thanks for dropping by! Wink
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A quick view of Snapper's recent activity.

  • Yachts In The Rain

    Love the minimalist colour on this one Anna, and the composition is great as well.
    • 14 Sep 2012 11:16PM
  • Snow Clouds

    Marvellous contrast between the cold white of the snow and the threatening colour of the clouds, but the blue of the sky also gives an extra lift to the overall effect.
    • 1 Jan 2011 2:28PM
  • Stac Pollaidh

    I really like the way you've included good foreground interest with the snow on the dead heather and bracken, but then you've taken that a sasge further to use it to fill in the empty part of the loch that doesn't include the reflection. A very well thought out and composed shot!
    • 1 Jan 2011 2:25PM
  • ***

    Works very well indeed. Would it be better with a bite out of the apple? Well maybe that's a shot for another day!
    • 17 Dec 2010 11:28PM
  • .h.

    Delightfully different from all the other photos I've looked at here recently, and she just has the most marvellous expression. Great shot!
    • 30 Nov 2010 6:59PM
  • Rapids, Glen Etive, dusk

    The lit-up cloud really makes the image for me and lifts it to a different level. Tell me you had to wait hours for it and it didn't just pop up as you got out of the car? Smile
    • 30 Nov 2010 6:28PM
  • Lochan na h'Achlaise

    No shame at all in coming up with your own take on an iconic landscape, and this is all the better for being in b&w. Good shot and keep on shooting exactly what you want!
    • 30 Nov 2010 6:23PM
  • Assynt is an area I know well, but not from high up! Thanks for a new viewpoint so excellently presented. (and the others are great too!)