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A quick view of snapper036's recent activity.

  • Looking Up

    Beautiful image, well done
    • 12 Aug 2009 1:44PM
  • izzie

    A nice subtle image
    well done
    • 31 May 2009 11:00PM
  • Ms S

    Thought I recognised that face, nice image of sarah BTW

    I take it this was taken at the last strobist meet
    • 31 May 2009 10:59PM
  • Tattoo

    It was lit with one SB-800, with a shoot through umbrella and placed off to camera left.

    If you look closely into the reflection on the glasses, you can see the brolly.

    If your interested here's a link to more images
    • 9 Mar 2009 9:11PM
  • My Engagement

    Thank you all
    were so excited.

    just need to find a photographer for the wedding now

    Hmmm now where can I find one of those......
    • 25 Dec 2008 9:30PM
  • Robin

    • 15 Dec 2008 5:03PM
  • The Smoking Skull

    probably no more than a hundred images in total

    this one just kind of leapt out at me though

    Scary stuff
    • 27 Nov 2008 1:40PM
  • a great collection,
    well done
    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 13 Apr 2008 1:16PM