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Hi and thanks for taking a look at my portfolio.

Currently I'm using a Cannon 500D with a selection of lens and filters. Wen situations allow I use a tripod or mono pod and cable release. I particularly like taking pictures of: landscapes, street scenes, abstracts, mono and Black/white, macro, nature and still life. I have a range of software - but I'm trying to get it write in camera more and more.

I always welcome comments, good or bad, as I feel it's the only way you can learn.

Thanks again for taking a look and feel free to leave any comments good or bad.
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  • Little friend

    Nice one!
    Well spotted - unusual angel
    Well taken - as you say you caught the color in the wings well. Like the little feather on the bill.
    And well produced - clear and simple.
    • 18 Aug 2013 7:29AM
  • In Bloom

    Thanks Senn
    I agree about the lack of focus.
    • 15 Aug 2013 11:09PM
  • have a seat

    Lazy days and Sundays - great shot!
    • 15 Aug 2013 7:29PM
  • Victorian Galloper

    Hi Folks

    Many thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Taken a second look, the layer was a mistake and doesn't add anything to the shot.
    I tried a landscape shot and for the same reason as the need for a tight crop was the close proximity of a toilet block to the right a distracting brick wall in the background.

    I have uploaded the original - please feel free to play.

    • 9 Aug 2013 7:10AM
  • are you looking at me

    Great shot!
    Well spotted - nicely isolated
    Well take - good camera craft
    And well presented - plain and simple

    • 28 Jul 2013 7:38PM
  • MINE"S A

    A great set of images that work well both individually and as a set.
    • 28 Jul 2013 7:30PM
  • Post Peony

    Very interesting shot!

    I love a shot that makes me ask - What is it?

    • 28 Jul 2013 7:20PM
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  • Such a great and inspirational portfolio.

    Many different and interesting shots

    Nicely taken and produced.