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Welcome to my portfolio.
I feel as though I've got a lot to learn about digital photography, and really appreciate all feedback, suggestions and comments.
Thanks for taking the time to browse my gallery.
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  • VR is Vibration Reduction - Nikon's branding for technology in the lens to reduce camera shake - allowing use of a slower shutter speed than would normally be used for a given focal length.
    The old rule of thumb in the days of film was to pick a minimum shutter speed of one over the focal length. So, for a 500mm lens choose 1/500th second. Nikon claim 3 or 4 stops, so with the same 500mm lens potentially 1/60th sec could be used. From my experience you still need a very steady hand to get 3 stops improvement.

    Other brands use different names...
    Canon - Image Stabilisation or IS
    Sigma - Optical Stabilisation or OS
    Tamron - Vibration Compensation or VC

    I have no experience with any of these, only VR; which I think is really useful, but not a substitute for a wide maximum aperture. Ideally, I'd have both - like the Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR but at several thousand pound not a hope!

    Hope all that makes sense.


  • Zoom or Prime?
    I have both a Nikon 70-300VR f/4.5-5.6 AF-s and Nikon 300 f/4.0 AF. Ignoring the VR for this debate, the prime is sharper than the zoom, and being f/4.0 that little bit brighter. However, as has already been mentioned, the prime is less versatile. Being able to zoom out a little can often make an image.

    It makes a big a difference, an image in my PF taken at max zoom - 300mm at 1/45th sec . Definitely worth a thought.

    Sigma or Nikon?
    I have two Sigma lenses; 10-20mm and 105mm Macro - neither anywhere near 300mm! Anyway, the 105 macro is a stunner. Easy to use, pretty well built and optically I reckon as good as any macro.
    Check out the review sites - like this one

    Hope this helps

  • I use a 50mm f/1.8 AF on a D200 and D80. It's a real beauty and I certainly recommend it. At about 80 it was a 'no brainer' - there was no way I could justify the extra for the f/1.4 version.
    Nikon have now released an AF-s f/1.4 - so if that's important, get saving!
    Hope this helps
  • There is so much more to a good photo than the camera - composition, lighting, focus, DoF, ... I reckon it's more about the person behind the camera than the camera itself.
    With any camera, it's handling and the layout/logic of the controls that are major factors; if they don't suit the individual they can get in the way.
    As for sharpness, not much wrong with Nikon - take a look at , and your own shot of the Leopard taken at Marwell.
    Steve (Dad, and the one who funds your gear...)
  • Interesting topic Keith, what was the outcome? Successful cleaning or a new lens? Wink