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09/08/2009 - 7:40 AM


butterflyyou have a good capture but you have tried to place the subject at the center of the image it is not looking good. always try to avoid the placement of your subject at the center. you should place the subject judiciously but not at the center. there is also a lot of background and foreground in this image you could have cropped the image slightly.
i have uploaded a modification here. i have cropped the image and made level adjustment. Hope you like it.
08/08/2009 - 10:09 AM

fibonacci spiral

fibonacci spiralwell Irin i see that you have tried here to apply the rule of golden mean with this image. i presume that you know the rule. but mere an indication by selectively blurring the background in such a way to create a fibonacci spiral does not work well. this is really a complicated rule to use. remember that the purpose of this rule is to please the eye and the spiral could be naturally drawn rather giving any artificial hint as you have done here. and also the natural hint should be clear enough to understand the existences of that spiral to please the eye. practice makes perfect and try to use this rule where you have a natural situation for this kind of composition. but donot try to apply this rule artificially. donot be too sad because this rule may not be interpreted by everyone and it is also not necessary to everyone to understand that particular rule, only you see whether the image with this rule please the eye or not. because it is the sole purpose of that rule. i am giving you 3 links here where you can find some good information about that rule and take it as examples because you can also find many others by searching the web.

1. one

2. two

3. three

please do not take my comments harsh and my English is also not very good already i have got a notice from someone for that but i have only tried to help you as far as it is possible to me. you have also asked for link of the use of photoshop and you can get it by searching the web as i do not have any such link.

Hope it helps,
07/08/2009 - 7:59 AM

light girl

light girlhard work you have done with this image and it is looking also very good. but i think some space at the left side of the frame is required as she is pointing out towards that direction. again you have given space to the right side of the frame instead of giving space to the left side. actually you may have tried to place the subject at the center of the frame which does not work well every time. better to avoid placement of the subject at the center of the image. as a viewer i have a curiosity to know what she is trying to point out and if you had included it, i think the image would have been a complete one.

Although you have tried well.

Best wishes,
07/08/2009 - 7:46 AM


Relaxingoh he may be a fan of prachanda. as you have sent it to the critique gallery, i must say it is slightly underexposed image. slight cropping at the left side of the frame and blurring the background could give you benefit. because the face behind your subject has a distracting effect on your subject's face.

i have uploaded a modification here. i have cropped the left side of the frame and left the right side of the frame as it is. because the person is looking at that side. i have selected your subject with quick selection tool of photoshop and inverse the selection then i blurred the background. i have also adjusted the contrast and sharpened the image.

Hope you like it,
06/08/2009 - 11:58 AM

cold day

cold dayyou have tried well no doubt about it but as you have sent it to the critique gallery some points you may have wanted to do it better but these points may vary with the thinking as well. so you may not agree with me. the points as under:-

1. your title and the explanation of the image says about the cold condition there. but in this image this particular situation(coldness) is missing. according to me photography is nothing but a kind of language to tell the condition you have described as well as everything you have tried to say. according to this point of view i like the modification provided by KarenFB.

2. you have used f5.6 for this shot but f5.6 or less than that is considered as large aperture opening giving a lesser dof. as it is a kind of landscape shot it requires more dof. according to this point of view i agree with the comments given above by closelyobserved.

3. for better landscape shot you should employ lower shutter speed and always try to use tripod for better photography. an example 1/8 th or less shutter speed, ISO 100-200 (but not more than 400).

4. compositionally you have tried to make a balance by placing one tree at the left, one at the right and one at the middle. there are many critiques who prefer balancing but according to me it is not looking good. try to avoid placing your silhouette at the center of the frame and one tree would have been best here, you could have excluded others.

5. try to employ rule of third for landscape shot for best. for landscape photography always avoid giving same emphasis to land and sky. if land is interesting use 2/3 frame for the land and if sky is interesting use 2/3 frame for the sky and remaining for the other. you need the help of grid in your camera to do this job better.

Hope it helps,
06/08/2009 - 11:08 AM

Swiss town

Swiss towni think the light is very harsh in this image. you may have focused in a highlighted part of the image(sky) so that the shadow area of the image became very dark. in this kind of situation i think focusing at a mid tone area you could have got a better result. if possible avoid such kind of situation and natural lighting is better before 10 AM and after 4PM. or you could have used an ND grad filter to counter such kind of situation.
06/08/2009 - 10:26 AM

Berwick dawn

Berwick dawnyou have done a superb job here. you have used the boat to create a diagonal line to lead the eye to the land. extremely well composition. the horizon is also good. but the image, i think, is slightly underexposed. you have not specified any technical details of the shot so that it is not clear to me why the sky posses two color here but according to me it is not natural.although you have done extremely good composition.

i have uploaded a modification here. i have cropped some uninteresting part of the foreground and adjusted the brightness and contrast of the image and sharpened a bit.

Hope you like it,
05/08/2009 - 12:09 PM

Water Drop

Water Dropwell John if you want good macro photography you can buy true macro lens which will cost you Rs. 20000 at least in India but as you have said you can not afford. so it would be better for you to do not hurry and buy it latter. it will produce some good image.

if you do not wait or try to do some experiment, you can buy close up filters which are not costly at all. there are +1, +2, +3, +4, +10 close up filters. it may often come as a kit. search ebay or some other sites for better understanding. you can get used kit or filters for your experiment at a very low cost.

use this address as an example,

camera is just like our eyes. think carefully if you see an ant from a distance, how much detail would you expect to see? but if you see it from a very close position, you could see detail of the ant. same thing happens with the camera. so if you can place the camera lens very close to the subject, the image must contain better detail. the kit lens you are using can not give you much closer view of the subject for the mechanism of the lens so you need something to do this job( macro lens or close up filter, remember +10 close up filter can allow you closer view of the subject than any other close up filters). remember for better macro work, you obviously need any one of them said above.

Wish you a good luck,
05/08/2009 - 8:08 AM

Hellgill Force, Cumbria

Hellgill Force, Cumbriathe shutter speed you have used here is very much appreciable. but except that there are many negative points in this image some of them are as follows:-

1. you have placed the subject nearly at the center of the frame. it often works well according to the centralization rule of composition but you have not followed that rule. it would have been better if you have taken this image from a different angle and tried to make it an interesting composition. Although every rule is made to be broken but it should be judicious. ( avoid framing the subject at the center of the image)

2. you have taken a large area in your image. on the one hand, it gives an idea of the circumstances, the formation of the land, your position. but on the other hand, the fencing, the man sitting there and the upper part of the falls particularly the debris derogates the potential quality of the image. it does not match with the art you have created with the slow shutter speed. (you could have cropped the falls tightly).

i have uploaded a modification here. i have cropped the image and adjusted the sharpness and contrast.
04/08/2009 - 8:14 PM

Water Drop

Water Dropi agree with the comment above. generally for macro photography, your subject matter should be sharp. but here it is not sharp at all. the lens you have used for this shot is not a macro lens and it can not allow you to go closer to the subject so that it becomes sharper. a true macro lens can allow you to take an image going very close to the subject and also it can produce 1:1 image that means a life size image( the size of your subject will be same at the sensor at the time you capture it as it is in the real life). you can also buy close up filters(not good enough) which will allow you to go close to your subject but it cannot produce 1:1(life size image).

compositionally you have placed your subject high at the left side of the frame leaving the remaining part very much uninterested. mainly the lower part of the frame has some bright area which you could have cropped out. it can be seen that the water is coming from a distant area which you could have used to lead the eyes to the droplet very nicely but here you have tried differently and given more emphasis on the lower part of the image for nothing. you could have also tried to experiment with the golden mean composition with the image by the help of the flowing water.

Hope it helps,
03/08/2009 - 7:32 PM

Summer Loving..

Summer Loving..well good landscape shot. but work with the horizon it is clearly not leveled. you have captured the reflection of the sun and i think it has a distraction on the whole image. you could have used polarizing filter for better effect or just waited for some time for proper lighting or taken a different angle placing the highlighted part of the reflection of the sun out of the frame. although it is only my view and you have done well.
01/08/2009 - 7:12 PM

Hill walk

Hill walkwell done. i have a similar kind of image in my pf. i love Himalaya and it is really beautiful and very much adventurous. The light here differs from one hill to other and i think it is a very challenging situation. your title and the description suggests that you have tried to give emphasis on the trekking and the road, as used here, is to compliment the subject. but the tree at the bottom right side of the image has no bearing with the image so you could have cropped it out. because it has a bit distraction on the subject.

you may have taken the picture at a bright sunlight and you could have avoided the timing because in the Himalaya it changes very often. you could have used a grad filter for proper exposure and for the detail of the sky as well.

i have uploaded a modification here. i have cropped the tree at the right side of the frame and also cloned out some part to show the full view of the road and tried to create a vanishing point. i have also made a level adjustment and enhance the contrast of the image.

Hope you like it,
01/08/2009 - 11:03 AM

wild flower

wild floweryou have a focusing problem with this image. if your subject in this image is wild flower, your focus should be( as a general) on the flower. but here in this image your focus is on the leaf. the image is slightly overexposed also. compositionally you have tried to frame the flower at the center, which is not good at all as a general.

i have uploaded a modification here. i have tried to crop that image in such a manner as to conform with the diagonal composition. i have also adjusted the highlight/shadow and gave contrast to the image and sharpened a bit.

Hope it helps,
01/08/2009 - 5:45 AM

Beauty contest

Beauty contestyou have captured the image very nicely. it has some compositional value. i agree with CB above that a slight cropping from the upper side of the image would be better. i think the position of the sheep and the number of the sheep in this image could be better explored by the diagonal and number rule of the composition. i have uploaded a modification here. i have cropped the image in a way to apply those rules and used number 3 for that rule. i have also adjusted slightly the contrast, levels, color and sharpened the image.

Hope you like it,
01/08/2009 - 5:28 AM

Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmilli agree with malcolm above that the foreground is very dark and it does not show the distance and formation properly. compositionally you could have used 1/3 of the frame for the land using the rule of third because the sky and the color is very much interesting . you might have focused in a highlighted area as a reason the whole image became darker due to the auto adjustment made by the camera itself. you could have used manual settings or focused in a midtone area for proper exposure. you also have the option to use grad filter to enhance the color of the sky.

Hope it helps,
31/07/2009 - 7:52 AM


Yucablack back ground and white flower really a good contrast. but you have placed the flower at the center of the frame it would have been better if you had avoided it. as it is a shot of nature i prefer a natural back ground also and if you want particularly black back ground you have many options to do it except such a kind of unnatural one. you could have placed leaves at the back ground slightly darkening and blurring them.

although you may have experimented with the software and i am giving you my vote to your hard work.
il be waiting, so when you come, il be here.i think you have worked hard in the digital dark room. as said above the cloud is not looking natural. as it is a shot of nature you should avoid harsh working on it so that the natural phase is not lost. here again it is quite unnatural that the bush should have a cast of shadow on the boat and the boat in relation to the natural light of that time should be slightly underexposed but here the boat is very much highlighted.

it should be appreciated that you have tried hard and your presentation is also very charming. if you had taken some care i think it would have been a great one. you could have also avoided the placement of the sun approximately at the center of the frame. because it is catching the eyes. again it is quite unmeaning about the angle of the reflection of the tree at the right side of the frame in relation to the placement of the sun. Hope you will obviously do better next time.
30/07/2009 - 8:18 PM

nice shades

nice shadeswell done. i am looking the button to vote it but i have not found it i do not know why but you may have the answer. well you have sent it to the critique gallery so i must say that according to my view one thing in your image is contradictory to other. three flowers in your image is clearly in focus but others are not. you may have tried to highlight those but if it is true i do not know why you have given so much space to the right side of the frame giving a soft view. may be it is your own choice. but if i were there i would have preferred higher f number if possible. you have used a macro lens here and i think you could have used it properly to show us the detail of a flower or may be some part of the flower. and i think it is the purpose of using a macro lens. this kind of image i think does not require a macro lens it is the job of ordinary lens. i mean to say explore the resource you have.

please do not take it harsh,
29/07/2009 - 8:23 PM

Rounding the Bouy

Rounding the Bouywell try. but you have given too much space for the sky here. as the sky is not very much interesting here you could have used 1/3 of the frame for the sky and remaining for the water. a horizontal image, i think, would have been better here.

you have also placed the boat nearly at the center of the frame. it would have been better if you had placed it at the left side of the frame as it is moving from left to right.

it can be easily observed that there is a harsh sunlight. if it is possible avoid that time and try to explore the color of nature before 10 A.M or after 4 P.M. and in the case of harsh sunlight as here you could have under exposed it slightly.

Hope it helps,
29/07/2009 - 8:01 PM

Forging for Food

Forging for Foodnice work. but i really have no knowledge about 200ml lens as you have said. i am joking i know it may be a mistake and you have wanted to say 200mm. ok, you have sent it to the critique gallery so critical analyzing is required.

first of all you have placed your subject at the center of the frame. always try to avoid it for better photography.

for portrait photography like this, if any unwanted thing comes out of the head of the subject, the thing has a distractive effect on the subject. in this case also a branch of the tree is just above the head of the bird. if it is not possible at the time of shooting to avoid such situation, you can clone it out at the time of processing at the digital dark room.

Hope it helps,