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I am Somraj Sahu. My fatherís name is Shri Debraj Sahu. I am inhabitant of Jararnagar village of East Midnapore. I completed my graduation in 2011 from Pailan School of International Studies, Kolkata. After that, I was preparing for my MCA. But at the same time, I used to bear zeal in my mind to become a professional photographer. As a consequence, I just kept the accomplishment of my MCA in abeyance and made a step forward in the course of photography. I completed a specialized course from a reputed organization viz. Light & Shadow, Kolkata. I began my journey as a professional photographer 2012 onwards. In due course of time, I also realized the need of completion of my master degree so I have resumed the same since 2013. Presently, I indulge myself in shooting various kinds of photos including social imagery, natural events and especially capturing the beauty of simple phenomena which are being otherwise overlooked.


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