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Activity : Photo Comments


Tongue Hi !!
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  • Niggies *

    Hi guys!

    Thank you so very much for your comments, they mean a lot **

    I will upload the original *

    Thanks again
    • 16 Oct 2015 3:31PM
  • Pencils 1

    No! Realy? I know this is the same photo, I didnt have photoshop until a few months ago so I tried processing it again. I wont be posting photos any time soon again. Thank you guys. See u in a few years or so. I am studying now
    • 19 Sep 2014 7:23AM
  • Bridal Flowers *

    I see what you guys mean. The other way around (the flowers) might have been better. I don't have a external flash YET, but I wil work on that. The pop up flash im not so crazy about.. I wil keem your comments in mind next time I get an oppertunity like this one. Much appreciated *
    • 11 Sep 2014 9:16PM
  • Mom 1

    Hi there, some gr8 advice there hehe n used a trigger 2 take the photo, I also noticed the spacing was a little off... And willie no she was not actually crying at the time.. Thank you guys *
    • 7 Sep 2014 5:35PM
  • Coke 2

    Yes it is small, and it is for the water droplets, i used it because i wanted to.
    • 21 Jan 2014 7:34AM
  • Me 2

    I looked for my name "sone" but only found "sne": CLOSE ENOUGH. This was just a quick and fun selfie.
    • 15 Jan 2014 4:52PM
  • Rainbow ...

    Paulbroad: Hellow?? The colours is great! And i found this idea in a PHOTOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE so yeah its a great idea. If top Photographers can do it so can I.

    The rest: Thank you SO much for the good comments, keeps me going and wanting more of macro photography. I will improve this idea.
    • 25 Nov 2013 2:18PM
  • Work: Babyshower

    Thank you all for your comments. Wow, the Modifications make a difference, thank you for that as well. *
    • 28 Jun 2013 7:19AM
  • Low Key 1

    Guys, is there any way that someone can buy membership for me? Its difficult from SA, it sounds so expensive, like $3 is R30, and a year is even more. I know there is a way to pay for overseas stuff. Can someone give me advice ?
    • 3 Jun 2013 12:59PM
  • Horse Silhouette

    Hi guys, sorry that I am only replying now. Thank you for all your comments. The aperture was 4.0 . I enjoyed this photo very much.
    • 22 May 2013 6:06PM
  • UntitledSteel Teeth

    Thank you all. In class tonight my lecturer was very impressed with this photo. I am proud to say that she said the focus and composition is perfect. She would also suggestbflipping the image, although I think I like it this way the most.
    • 16 May 2013 11:35PM
  • SHOES !

    Thank you !! I also noticed the "white specs", the shoes is a soft material, and I think the way the sun or light was shinig on it only made it stand out more. I love the mods, especially B&W !! This is totally a new subject for me, I tried 2 use a Canon photo editing program, and just played with the colours. I noticed that the black faded away and wasn't the way I wanted it. I still have to play around a little bit more to perfect my editing skills.

    Thank you so much for your advice, I love this site, your comments and thoughts help a lot .. Much love *
    • 25 Apr 2013 8:56PM
  • Sunrise Early Morning

    It is amazing what you can pick up or remember from something someone said. I joined a random photographic club that meets every first saturday of the month. I went on the day that Andrew Beck, wildlife photographer, was giving us advice on certain wildlife shots. He showed us a picture of a perfect scene: Water flowing from left to right, with a tree on the left, sun coming through the branches, which also reflected on the water. He said the wider your aperture the more you will get the starry effect on the sun. I instantly wanted to try this in the course excercise. I am so glad I did. It is beautifil, and I wil play with ISO and Aperture a bit more. The sun rose so quickly we had to play fast. Best way of learning! Hear it? Read it? Try it !!!!

    Thank you *
    • 24 Apr 2013 7:57PM
  • Awwwww

    Coast, thank you for your advice and Mod. Much appreciated. I will shortly upload more of the dog. Have many more angles to share with you !!

    Paul, thank you as well.

    I just want to add, he may look cute and loving, but i had to stay behind the bars, otherwise he would be all over me and licking me and who knows what. Hopefully the other pictures wont look as cruel as this one. Hope you guys will like them *
    • 14 Apr 2013 6:38PM
  • Coke!! Yummy !!

    Thank you, this was homework at a course, and the focus was on the second bottle. The purpose was for Depth of Field. Loved it !
    • 10 Apr 2013 2:44PM
  • Garden Lights

    Thank you!

    Thia was taken as homework for a course i was attending. The excercise was how to work with you're lightmeter and certain exposures. We had to take pictures of amusement parks, casinos, staircases, tunnels, city streets, highways, and so on. It began at an aperture of 1 sec, and went on as follows: 2sec, 4sec, 8sec, 15sec, and 30 sec. As the aperture changes, the picture goes from dark with little detail to more detail. That picture was the last one (30sec). I have PLENTY more of my homework I want to share, and some of my own experements as well.

    Thanks fot your comment&
    • 30 Mar 2013 12:46PM