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I have been interested in photography for a long time, though in the past I have dipped in and out of it. The advent of digital has for many of us, including myself, provided an opportunity to become much more involved with image making. The expense is no longer an issue and learning is almost immediate.
Professionally photography is part of my work, I am a former Crime Scene Investigator who now puts my experience to use training CSI's. This however does not allow for creativity. So photography for me in my spare time is all about taking images of what I want to take. They are images that are totally removed from the trauma of crime. They are about the outdoors and the best of what nature and life has to offer us.
I love the countryside and I am particularly passionate about Scotland and also have a thing for snow. I enjoy landscapes the most but I am becoming more interested in wildlife photography as well.
So please enjoy and let me know what you think. Critique is very welcome.


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