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  • Thanks for the recommendation

    My portfolio now on Smugmug which I have also made my website

    Check it out
  • I'm going to sign up and put some prints through Smugmug today. Thanks for the recommend
  • I Like the model of Photobox but not the Prints. Essentially I can upload my photos into online galleries for people to order prints. I set the selling price and Photobox take 10% of the profit.

    Can anybody suggest any UK based alternatives ?
  • I was finally able to have a go with the new Lencarta kit tonight. This was with one light with an umberella and a great model !

    Wot you lookin at !

  • It should be very straightforward (it is for me anyway with my 450D)

    Yes, the 450D uses a standard mini USB cable. She will have had one supplied wit the camera. Connect and switch on the camera. Windows will recognise the camera and ask what you want to do.
  • After losing out on an eBay auction, I have changed my mind and have just ordered a Lencarta Smartflash starter kit. Lencarta Starter Kit

    After acknowledging the benenfits of the Bowens kit, i was finally persuaded that as a first timer, most of those benefits of the additional cost would either be lost on me or come further down the line. As for now I just need to get going.

    So hopefully on Weds I will be up and running learning the arts and crafts of taking photos in a studio environment.

    Thanks for your input, it really did help.
  • Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately i'll take that as a yes then. I say unfortunately as i'll probably have to go for something used. Ebay here I come !

    Great quality, durability, and a flexible system with the option of using a battery pack seem the biggest + points

  • All,

    I'm Looking at buying my first studio lighting.

    I seemed to have settled on buying Bowens kit on the basis I could buy on ebay and probably sell it for similar price if its not what I want. If it is what I want then I have bought into a "system" and can upgrade/add etc.

    Trouble is, like for like, Bowens seems to carry a hefty premium when compared to Elemental or Lencarta for example.

    I am guessing the answer to my question is "yes" but i'm struggling to understand why. Can anybody help?

  • Thanks, I need to sign up
  • Hi,

    Is the option to upload, an option restricted to full members? If its not, it just doesn't appear for me (or I'm being very thick). Can anyone advise ?

    Many thanks
  • Fantastic. This is a really good community.

    Looked up camera clubs and guess what, there is one that meets literally round the corner from my house. Big bonus they have a load of professional studio lighting that any member can use. They even have a "studio night" next monday, but just my luck I cant go.

    Thanks also RedEyes and Ade. Looked up Brett Harkness and yes the price means it will probably go on the birthday wishlist or something like that. Ade thanks for the offer mate, very kind. i'll see how I get on with the camera club people first off .

    Uploaded my first photo. Hope I did it right.

  • Hello,

    Can anybody give me help finding a studio photography course in Manchester UK? I'm keen to learn lighting and Photo techniques for portraits and small groups.

    I've looked through the small ads in quite a few magazines but most seem to be London based.

    I dont even have any lighting equipment yet, but hope the course will also help inform on what kit I need to get.

    Thanks in advance