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Welcome to my little corner of ePz.

Please feel free to give advice or words of encouragement if you think they are needed -
I welcome ALL feedback and its generally nice to see what you guys think of my work.

Many Thanks for Looking.

Much Love.

SPi x
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  • Mother and Foal by Richard_OSullivan

    the separation between your subjects and the background is spot on mate, composition is cracking also.. an overall stunning image.

    SPi x
    • 8 Nov 2011 9:37AM
  • 2 x Portrait by Richard_OSullivan

    love it mate, wasn't the dog the local police dog and wasn't she called linda?...

    hehe, either way i'm voting but its me so its to be expected.

    SPi x
    • 23 Aug 2011 12:16AM
  • Eye spy.. by bzbee

    oh my gosh, the detail you have captured in this close up shot is amazing, individual hairs and feathers can be seen..

    Outstanding Image

    SPi xx
    • 18 Aug 2011 7:58PM
  • Ben is Missing You! by SpiroSpiteri

    Thanks for your lovely comments guys, Rick you are totally right I may post another version with those bits taken out and converted to black and white soon.

    SPi x
    • 16 Aug 2011 10:13AM
  • The Kings Scream by TasSpiteri

    Gets my vote mate was a great picture, i believe i picked it out as photo of the day! I think you may be getting a dslr for christmas!! - and i hope you really are a better photographer than me by the way..

    See you soon x
    • 7 Aug 2011 4:41PM
  • Give us a lift by Richard_OSullivan

    Ugly insects - Great shot dude..

    SPi x
    • 14 Jul 2011 6:11PM
  • Elusive Large Blues Mating by suzieosman

    Beautifully taken and sharp are a tac! The bokeh is spot on.. Excellent image.

    SPi x
    • 23 Jun 2011 7:35PM
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  • Posted on TONKSPHOTO's profile

    Hey John, loving your portfolio - you have a great eye for detail and take a fantastic photo.

    Keep up the good work.

    Spi x
    • 26 May 2011 9:26AM
  • Posted on Sue_R's profile

    Hey Sue, I had me a peak at your landscape work!

    I have to say its most impressive - keep up the good work x
    • 3 Oct 2010 3:25PM
  • Posted on SueTurner's profile

    Wow Sue! the detail in your work is breath taking..

    Loving your work, Very well done.

    Spi x
    • 3 Oct 2010 12:55AM
  • Posted on lobsterboy's profile

    Inspirational, very impressive, keep up the good work!

    Spi x
    • 2 Oct 2010 9:41PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Thumbs up for all your kittie pictures some very cute ones there, I'll upload several of mine ans see if i can get your approval..

    Great work!

    • 2 Oct 2010 4:08AM
  • Posted on colin63's profile

    loving your work mate, some breath taking shots!

    Kind Regards
    • 2 Oct 2010 2:54AM
  • Posted on bzbee's profile

    Hey Linda,
    Met you with Ric (Baldio) several weeks ago - just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure meeting you, I can definitely say you are an inspiration with an amazing portfolio..

    Thanks for spending time with us both and giving us advice..

    Kind Regards

    • 1 Oct 2010 9:41PM

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