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A quick view of Spotlightkid's recent activity.

  • White Rhino Pair

    Thanks, Heather, @gingernut21, @Bertram
    • 12 May 2009 3:46PM
  • Picking up a scent

    Ron, I hope you don't mind me commenting - It's a great image indeed. Looks like the Moremi in Botswana - North Bridge.
    And ain't it amazing the number of poses the Cheetah serves up - never a cliche.
    Lighting is great - good soft light.
    I presume you are familiar with Beverly Joubert's WIld Life imagery?
    • 7 May 2009 7:31AM
  • White Rhino

    Hey Thanks Ron.
    • 7 May 2009 7:24AM
  • Eye of the Zebra

    Pin Sharp. The composition is good too with a tight crop and B&W rendition. Zebras are my favorite for gray scale adjustments.
    Mr. Reid's comments are to be considered. Would really make a superb Large Format Print.
    • 6 May 2009 11:03AM
  • Vietman Girls

    I would leave this image as it is.
    Composition is within the 3rds bound. Cropping makes this picture.
    Exposure is good for B&W conversion.
    Subject wise - it does convey the romance of Indo-China and it's people. Reminds me of a famous war corespondent's collection taken in the 50's.
    Perhaps a 'worn and aged' look with a slight Sepia feel is the next step. Don't worry about the left hand bag or the vehicle in shot. This 'mistake' is perhaps the jewel, avoiding the 'perfect image' which can be shot in a studio. Using the 70-200mm lens gives a great Depth of Field anyway and combined with the cropping, the focus for the eye is just fine.
    (I'll copy this pic and do a mod for you)
    • 6 May 2009 10:35AM

    I can feel it too! Great close-up. I think the soft lighting in the UK has a special effect on wild life (and other subjects) which is very different from other locations in the world.
    Check out for some inspiration and book a trip to Southern Africa. I'm sure your experience would come in handy.
    • 6 May 2009 10:00AM
  • Yet more bluebells

    Mmmm. I see in your portfolio that your current trend is toward Flora.
    A staggering collection indeed. This image is superbly presented in a ratio which pleases the eye - makes it a grand affair - panoramic almost. The colours for well preserved even in the dappled floor of the forest where you took captured this impressive picture.
    • 6 May 2009 9:13AM
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