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A quick view of SPOTON's recent activity.

  • Fun time

    WOW, what an awsome shot!!! Stunning dog too! Love, Mandi
    • 31 Jan 2010 6:51PM
  • Church Window

    I love it - think its stunning! Love, Mandi
    • 8 Apr 2009 7:30PM
  • bluebells

    I absolutely love this - the colours are beautiful, as is the framing and presentation. Brilliant work! Love, Mandi
    • 8 Apr 2009 7:29PM
  • Hannah

    Stunning sunning dog!!! Very beautiful, well done! Love, Mandi
    • 8 Apr 2009 7:25PM
  • Wet Web

    Looks like dripping honey! Fabulous shot, well done! Love, Mandi
    • 8 Apr 2009 7:24PM
  • orange vase

    This is absolutely awsome, well done! I love the antique feel - would look stunning as a framed print! Love, Mandi
    • 8 Apr 2009 7:06PM
  • Angel

    Just needs a frame and to be put on the wall!!! Its stunning, well done! Love, Mandi
    • 6 Apr 2009 8:18PM
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  • No topics found.
  • Thanks for your comments on my pics Dave, its really very much appreciated! Love all your pics, great work! Love, Mandi
    • Posted on BERTRAM's profile
    • 21 Mar 2009 7:49AM
  • Thanks for the comments on my seagull! Its very much appreciated!!! Squizzed through your portfolio, absolutely awsome - well done Mary! Love, Mandi
    • Posted on maryg's profile
    • 18 Mar 2009 10:24AM
  • Hello Ken! Thanks for the comments on my weedeater! Squizzed through your portfolio, amazing work, well done! I'll be back ... Love, Mandi
    • Posted on franken's profile
    • 22 Jan 2009 6:49PM
  • WOW, your portfolio is absolutely outstanding, well done! Will definately be back for a squizz again! Love, Mandi
    • Posted on LesF's profile
    • 22 Jan 2009 8:40AM
  • Thanks for your comment Nate - much appreciated! The bridge is stunning - changes colours to the beat of music - amazing! Love, Mandi
    • Posted on Xxticy's profile
    • 11 Jan 2009 6:15AM
  • Hi Andrew! Thanks for your comment, much appreciated! You have a really awsome portfolio, your bird shots are amazing! Love, Mandi
    • Posted on arhb's profile
    • 10 Jan 2009 6:07PM
  • Hello Carl! Thanks so much for the compliment, it means a lot!!! I have'nt posted photos for a while now but will be doing so in the next few days. I've just bought a 55 - 250 lens and have been a bit more adventurous - having a great time!!! Your action shots are absolutely amazing - especially the rubber ducks - you should have got many more votes than you have - they are awsome!!! Love, Mandi
    • Posted on sidaorb's profile
    • 8 Jan 2009 12:34PM
  • Thanks so much for comments on Roxi, much appreciated! Love your portfolio, will be checking up on you again soon! Love, Mandi
  • Hello there! Many thanks for comments on Roxi, much appreciated! Your have a stunning PF, an absolute pleasure to look through! Love, Mandi
  • You are absolutely brilliant, what more can I say! I loved every one of your photos, your portfolio is outstanding, well done! Love, Mandi