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  • Commented on 'Which Macro?'

    I was thinking about starting a which macro lens topic myself, guess I don't need to do so now!

    Can I add my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the thread, most interesting, now just need to save up the rest of the cash......
    • 26 Sep 2012 9:08PM
  • Commented on 'Bad Wedding Photographer'

    I remember when I got married it was a case of (my now wife) visiting a lot of wedding fairs, seeing the pictures in the local paper and sitting down with the photographer viewing some of his previous work. He was more expenisve than some others but produced the goods, stunning images and 13 years on it was money well spent. for me the onus is on the couple to do their research!

    As mentioned by Eightball it is about the responsibility of doing a wedding shoot - I for one wouldn't want tto do wedding photography as whilst I know technicality I could do it I wouldn't want the responsibility!!
    • 26 Sep 2012 8:57PM
  • Commented on '40D Battery Grip'

    After a bit of advice please!

    I've been offered a Canon BG-E2 Battery Grip which a work colleague has assured me will work on my 40D. I have had a look on websites (Jessops) who offer a BG-E2N. I was wondering if my work colleagues offer which he used on a 20D will work on my 40D.

    Does anyone know? I don't want to appear to doubt his assertions as I don't know him that well!

    Many thanks for any advice.
    • 16 Jul 2008 9:12PM