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A quick view of Squeaky_Wing's recent activity.

  • The Lonely Chair


    Yeah I think your right Grin

    I'll upload another photo soon - I went back the next day to where this was and it found a friend ! so it's not so much the lonely chair anymore Smile
    • 30 May 2013 9:24PM
  • Reflections


    Thanks for the comments, very much appreciated.

    I think as it is a photo of just the reflection it can be difficult to see what is a reflection and what is not, especially towards the top of the image which hopefully makes it more interesting. It is actually a reflection of a small wooden bridge over a stream.

    Is there a way to enable modifications (I thought that when I uploaded the image it stated that mods could be made) on this as it has already been uploaded to the Gallery ?

    • 30 May 2013 3:55PM
  • My Grass Needs Cutting!!!

    Really nice, I love how the white really stands out.
    • 17 May 2013 7:23PM
  • Wow, I really like your work.
    Can I hide in your camera bag and just generally spy on what you do ? (meant in a non stalkerish way of course !)