I hope that some of the pictures bring a smile to your face. Others may encourage you to plant something in your own patch of earth.

Regards Jacqueline
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A quick view of Squirrel's recent activity.

  • The red Chilli family

    Some like it hotGrin
    • 31 Oct 2019 9:03PM
  • Seeking acorns

    Super shot of this Acorn weevil.
    • 17 Aug 2019 9:31AM
  • Red hazelnut twig

    Love it. A simple subject but not a simple shot. Its spot on.
    Regards Jacq
    • 9 Jul 2019 11:16PM
  • Dolly

    Oooh something definitely Chucky about this.
    • 9 Jul 2019 11:14PM
  • Striking Color

    I really like this. The curving pattern leads the eye from bottom to top and from left to right. Love the graduating colours, yellow and blue work well together, especially since they are slightly split up by the dark grey/black and purple. the little hint of green in the top left some would may find distracting.... but I don't.

    regards Jacq
    • 9 Jul 2019 11:12PM
  • Roses

    Looks like Rosa "New Dawn"
    regards Jacq
    • 9 Jul 2019 11:06PM
  • Successful Hunt

    Lovely image.
    • 29 May 2019 10:53PM
  • I really enjoy your photography. It is such a mix and you are not afraid to experiment. Its inspiring.
    regards Jacq
    • Posted on dudler's profile
    • 20 Jan 2018 10:10AM
  • Hi Ron

    A super portfolio. Many thanks to you and Maggie for the super presentation you gave to Watford Camera Club last thursday. "The Big Print Show" was certainly big. An inspiration to us all.
    Looking forward to seeing you both next season.

    best Wishes Jacq
    • Posted on rontear's profile
    • 12 May 2015 7:37PM
  • Wonderful gallery. Good to see you and your good lady at the final of the Federation of North West London Photographic Societies last saturday. Superb judging and critique as usual. Looking forward to your talk next season too.
    • Posted on rontear's profile
    • 24 Feb 2014 9:43PM
  • You really are an inspiration. Your portfolio has really made me think. My creative juices have been spiked. Thank you
    • Posted on Tonyd3's profile
    • 6 Mar 2010 8:18PM
  • Earlswood Sunset is a real stunner. I love looking at your Pf there is such a variety here. The presentation is alway spot on.
    • Posted on dven's profile
    • 11 Jan 2009 10:03AM
  • The Niles flows are brill. Your shots are never boring.
    Regards Jacqueline
    • Posted on Bob_V's profile
    • 11 Jan 2009 9:52AM
  • Hello Brian

    I spent some time this afternoon at your exhibition At the Regent Centre Christchurch Dorset.
    What a pleasure it was. Portland Light and In the Gloaming Mudeford Harbour are stunning shots. The light in both is just glorious.
    Love in a mist - I'd be interested to know which paper you used for that one. The Prop Rider looked as if it was coming out of the picture towards me. As for the Snow leopard and the Ocelot WOW! how long did you have to wait to get those.

    You've have really inspired me.

    Regards Squirrel
  • Your flowers are a real inspiration.
    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 23 Sep 2008 3:08PM
  • The blue boat is cracking. To me it is the perfect boat shot.
  • I have learnt so much from looking at your pictures. The composition of you shots is second to none and they way you present them is brillant.
    • Posted on looboss's profile
    • 23 Jul 2008 11:12PM