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I hope that some of the pictures bring a smile to your face. Others may encourage you to plant something in your own patch of earth.

Regards Jacqueline
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  • Weekly Macro Challenge

    This group is to host the weekly Macro Challenge - the theory being all images will be nicely tucked together but of course any entries may be uploaded to the main Macro Group The Rules are: 1. The challenge is just for fun. 2. All images must be t...more

    • Leader : cattyal
    • Established : 8 Jul 2012
    • Members : 298
    • Activity : Busy
  • Weekly black and white challenge

    [b]Welcome to the weekly black and white challenge group.[/b] Each week the winner of the previous weekís challenge will set a new theme, you have until 8pm the following Wednesday to take, process and upload your black and white image. [b]Rules [...more

    • Leader : User_Removed
    • Established : 19 Jan 2011
    • Members : 507
    • Activity : High
  • The Grumpy Group

    Here's a group for all those heated discussions about things we don't like, bad news, things that get on our nerves, discussion about paedophiles and terrorists and generally anything thats based around bad news. Also, please use the group to start an...more

    • Leader : ade_mcfade
    • Established : 12 Aug 2010
    • Members : 452
    • Activity : Moderate
  • Strobist

    This group is devouted to the use of off camera flash (i.e not attached to the cameras hot shoe). Please include details of the lighting set-up. Where the flash(s) are placed, the power settings any modifiers etc. The aim of the group is to promote a...more

    • Leader : Nick_w
    • Established : 11 Jul 2010
    • Members : 63
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Studio Lighting Tuition

    Another studio meeting in which we have the use of Elemental Studios with expert tuition from Danny James on all aspects of lighting in the studio. The meet may have the extra company of Ephotozine. The places are limited to 12 togs so get your name down...more

    • Leader : SKavanagh
    • Established : 6 Oct 2009
    • Members : 12
    • Activity : Quiet
  • London Architecture meet

    Everyone is welcome we will be meeting at St Pauls Tube station at 12h00 this is the planned route; go to Paternoster Square, St Paulís then past St Paulís is the City of London Information Centre. Moving across the Thames to the Tate Modern and the pr...more

    • Leader : Strobe
    • Established : 12 Aug 2009
    • Members : 15
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Studio Meet

    Back by popular demand. Studio meet at Elemental studios learning all the is to know about studio lighting setups. Cost of the evening is £25 which will include a beautiful model and soft drinks.

    • Leader : SKavanagh
    • Established : 11 Aug 2009
    • Members : 12
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Studio Lighting

    This is a continuation of our Studio evenings at Elemental Studios. The evening will consist of how to use lighting setups for different situations. As always there will be a lovely new model to photograph, all for a bargain price of £ 25 per person to c...more

    • Leader : SKavanagh
    • Established : 8 Jun 2009
    • Members : 12
    • Activity : Quiet

    [link=http://www.hevercastle.co.uk/default.aspx]Hever Castle[/link] Meet In the Car park opposite the entrance / church at 10:45 Following on from last year a return visit is arranged, especially at the request of the person who bought a season t...more

    • Leader : JJGEE
    • Established : 20 Feb 2009
    • Members : 9
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Another Studio Meet

    need 10 more people inc myself for a studio shoot at Elemental Studio in Stagsden Bedford. It wil be held on the evening of the 22 January this year. There will be a model on hand to take photos of and some light refreshments. The price for the evening wi...more

    • Leader : SKavanagh
    • Established : 7 Jan 2009
    • Members : 10
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Morris on Croxley Green

    If you aren't doing anything Boxing Day and are in the Croxley Green area on Boxing day. The Whitethorn, Wicketbrood and Woodside Morris sides are dancing outside the Coach & Horses on the Green. Its good entertainment, chance for a few beers and enjoy s...more

    • Leader : Squirrel
    • Established : 25 Dec 2008
    • Members : 1
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Hever Castle Jousting Tournament

    A Jousting Tournament at Hever Castle in Kent! See [link=http://hevercastle.co.uk/WhatsOn/tabid/92/View/true/ParentId/24/Default.aspx]here[/link] for details...

    • Leader : dwilkin
    • Established : 30 Jul 2008
    • Members : 6
    • Activity : Quiet