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Hi thanks for taking the time to view my gallery, please feel free vote or leave a comment


The two most engaging powers of a photographer are to make new things familiar and familiar things new. - W. Thackeray
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A stunning collection of images in your portfolio all beautifully photographed and presented.
28 Aug 2013 1:50PM
great portfolio I love it nice. a lot of nice macro shots
20 Aug 2013 12:07PM
You have some wonderful images on your page. Thank you for sharing.
8 Apr 2013 3:50PM
Beautiful PF, lovely sharp macro.
alistairfarrugia 8 164 88 Malta
30 Jan 2013 5:39PM
We seem to share two common interests - sunrise/sunset shots against an interesting background and insects. Very nice looking portfolio right from the thumbnail view. Expect some votes now as I'll be going through it and clicking away. I'm sure I'll be delighted, some interesting shots for sure!
avacreates 9 448 1 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2013 1:28PM
here is some of the finest work I've ever seen. I feel honoured that you voted and commented on my image 'Bouquet' so thank you for your support. I am looking forward to you next upload.
AVA Grin
26 Jan 2013 2:22PM
Enjoyed looking at your images on this cold snowy January day and it has certainly brightened the day up for me, thankyou and well done.
30 May 2012 7:52AM
Some nice work on show, a pleasure to view.

carp_27 13 1 United Kingdom
25 Jun 2011 10:26PM
Your pictures are beautiful and inspiring Grin
wolf1 11 9 United Kingdom
25 Jun 2011 8:58PM
This is an amazing portfolio.
Caitlin98 10 9 England
2 May 2011 9:03AM
These are all amazing, well done for all the hard work! Smile
cool 17
24 Feb 2011 11:46PM
Your pics always amaze me!
JackieB 11 18 3 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2011 11:34AM
Excellent PF, you must have oodles of patience, bugs never stay still long enough for me. Well Done

ElmsArt 14 82 1 Scotland
25 Jan 2011 10:03PM
Your work is amazing. Cannot say more than others already have. Thank you for sharing.
accipiter 11 61 England
1 Dec 2010 2:09PM
A PF to be proud of. Excellent. A
21 Oct 2010 5:46AM
Amazing work! Congrats!
Valerie1 13 68 Northern Ireland
17 Sep 2010 9:35AM
I have to say I never tire of viewing your portfolio. Amazing work and I look forward to many more visits in the future.
arhb 14 3.4k 68 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2010 7:03PM
Outstanding PF!
Hi Stace, you've been clicking me recently - thanks for the support, so I have come to leave you a PF message.
Your macro photography is superb, and I've just emailed a link to it, to a friend of mine who's also keen on butterflies.
All the best,
RTDS 12 Cyprus
7 Sep 2010 5:31PM
Dear Stace,
I always look at your photos and i admire your work.
A superb PF!!!
Keep up the great work.
maryg 12 66 18 Scotland
7 Sep 2010 12:12PM
Fantastic PF , really enjoyed looking .
Regards Mary
Cor 12 Belgium
31 Aug 2010 7:54PM
It is not a small world, it is a superb world+++++
30 Aug 2010 1:07AM
Fantastic work
cassiecat 13 39 46 England
21 Aug 2010 1:21PM
nice pf.
helenlinda Plus
14 374 22 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2010 7:44PM
Outstanding pf Stace- such a pleasure to look through
Cor 12 Belgium
4 Aug 2010 7:54PM
Your PF is superb +++++
19 Jul 2010 11:16AM
superb pf, stunning work
Suehh 14 39 6 England
2 Jul 2010 5:56PM
An absolutely stunning PF - showing great skill at capturing small and beautiful creatures. I am in awe.

25 Jun 2010 12:06PM
fabulous pf .Gill
15 Jun 2010 12:41PM
Fantastic Portfolio. such crisp images
11 Jun 2010 8:39AM
Wow, i feel so good looking at your pics, gorgeous!
So, you're a butterfly lover too...

have a nice weekend,
judidicks 11 27 United Kingdom
15 Apr 2010 6:30PM
What beautiful detailed images
timmyp 11 New Zealand
30 Mar 2010 1:00PM
AWESOME STACE! You capture what I am sure every photorealism artist would love to paint! Lovin your work!
mex 13 27 3 United Kingdom
30 Mar 2010 12:50PM
hi stace, photography at its best, excellent p/f,
cheers phil.
vickyf 15 8 8 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2010 9:55AM
Fabulous portfolio with wonderful images which are really hard to capture. Very impressive.
Trout_Man 12 1 30 Wales
17 Mar 2010 9:36PM
Thought I would have a trip through your amazing portfolio after todays upload, what a fabulous collection of images you have here, Excellent photography Smile Geoff.
lianna 11 13 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2010 5:08PM
Stace, an amazing portfolio, those captures of the Starling's are absolutely amazing. you have a very keen eye. look forward to more of your splendid work x x
a very inspiring portfolio,stunning images.
KBan 16 512 4 United Kingdom
15 Nov 2009 7:47PM
amazing portfolio here, surprise there's not more awards.

GillR 14 71 United Kingdom
14 Nov 2009 12:57PM
Absolutely entrancing gallery.
Cor 12 Belgium
12 Oct 2009 8:42AM
FredF 14 1 France
11 Sep 2009 10:32AM
A very pretty portfolio, some superb images.

KevSB 17 1.5k 5 United Kingdom
8 Sep 2009 6:31PM
A excellent gallery, You obviously know your subject and well
DannoM 12 58 England
19 Aug 2009 12:51PM
A truely amazing PF...i hope i can get half as good at macro as yourself. Keep it up
telstar500 12 5 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2009 9:43PM
Well Stace, I've got to thank you for ticking the picture of my Giraffe, because if you hadn't I might not have come across your fantastic showcase. You, my boy, is just one great photographer - Hallelujah and Amen. Every picture is a beauty. Keep 'em coming.

alfieB 14 1 United Kingdom
30 Jul 2009 10:32AM
Well talk about being envious, I've just taken a look through your PF and found some of the best Micro work I've seen on EPZ. As Tom says you must have an awful lot of patience. I've been trying to get good micro shots for a long while but my results don't come anywhere near yours.

Best wishes

Dusan 12 Sri Lanka
29 Jun 2009 2:23PM
Amazing collection of images
porty2003 17 97 Scotland
27 Jun 2009 11:26AM
Fantastic collection of images
MaryMac 15 258 1 United Kingdom
15 Jun 2009 6:03AM
Some of the best butterfly shots here onEPZ your work is just beautiful
Ade_Osman 18 4.5k 36 England
12 Jun 2009 9:13AM
Some really great butterfly images along with some superb macro images.......Well done to you.

Buffalo_Tom Plus
15 2.3k 21 Wales
11 Jun 2009 5:55PM
Fantastic p/f.You must have some patience becuase I find this type of shot very hard to take.Keep it up,simply great.
25 May 2009 7:05PM
What a beautiful collection of images you have.
The detail and colours are superb
Cor 12 Belgium
15 May 2009 2:57PM
Yes! so well taken and so beautyful.
5 May 2009 10:57PM
What an eye-catching collection - so clear and colourful!
luigitoi 18 5 1 Argentina
20 Apr 2009 5:03PM
what a great portfolio! amazing, Luis
22 Feb 2009 11:18PM
Geofferz 12 1 United Kingdom
28 Nov 2008 10:07PM
Amazing and Beautiful
FoxChick 13 1 United States
5 Nov 2008 2:10AM
Great Portfofio
SPOTON 13 South Africa
3 Nov 2008 3:35PM
Hey Stace! See I've missed some really stunning butterfly, flower, mushroom and leaf pics in the last while!!! Your work is, as always, an absolute inspiration! Thanks for comments on Little Mischief! Love, Mandi
sharonf Plus
14 88 United Kingdom
31 Oct 2008 8:24PM
fabulous portfolio, the butterflies are magnificent, never seen half of these before, congratulations excellent work.
26 Oct 2008 7:04PM
What can I Say??? These are beautiful!!
12 Oct 2008 12:47AM
your pictures are spot on,

sjteague 13 147 1 Wales
11 Oct 2008 9:29PM
Cracking colours on display here, many great images...

dwillows 13 3 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2008 8:10PM
You've captured some amazing creatures here, most of which I've never seen before. Congratulations on a fabulous portfolio.

stevept 13 6 United Kingdom
6 Oct 2008 9:06PM
What a stunning portfolio!.
doryram 12 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2008 10:49PM
Wonderful portfolio and a great study of flora and fauna
Marian 15 62 England
4 Oct 2008 6:23PM
Your portfolio is a joy to look through.
3 Oct 2008 9:23PM
Many thanks for you comments about my first photo with Ephotozine. Hopefully one day I will aspire to your high standard. I love the light and atmosphere that you have captures in your images!!
DOGSBODY 12 1.4k 30 England
2 Oct 2008 1:03PM
Excellent set of bfly pics and creepy crawlies. Andy
Ian-Munro 13 200 15 Wales
2 Oct 2008 11:33AM
A real specialist at these shots. I enjoyed the browse. Great work.

alansdottir 12 60 7 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2008 3:49PM
I like the idea of 'borrowing' a picture - especially when it is of something natural. And your pf is full of so many beautifully borrowed moments, thank you for sharing them with us. And thank you too for your comment on my poppies - I had fun that afternoon.
mini_me 12 1 United Kingdom
30 Sep 2008 8:00AM
amazing I love them all

porty2003 17 97 Scotland
27 Sep 2008 10:51PM
A 'leaf' through an album of beautiful images.
Lovely gallery indeed.
27 Sep 2008 10:35PM
Great pix. I don't know how you have the patients to capture thse butterflies. I like the "Chocks Away"
Swati 13 India
22 Sep 2008 1:23PM
Hello Stace, thanx for yor comments.....Excellent PF you have here...
It's really beautiful..
alexnail 13 1 England
21 Sep 2008 7:45PM
Stunning collection of macro photos, I enjoyed looking at so many of them, the take you into a new little world.

sharatoni 13 23 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2008 12:30PM
thank you again, stace, i would like to no where you see all the butterflys? brill.x
11 Sep 2008 10:38AM
Excellent PF.
sable 13 9 7 United Kingdom
30 Aug 2008 11:16PM
What a fantastic portfolio - I will come back to have another look - a great insperation - just been looking at you 'shades of white' - its beautiful - Elizabeth
SoulOfNature 13 23 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2008 8:09PM
Hello Stace thanks for your comment....Wow what a stunning PF you have here with very detailed shots,just brilliant.

Jean x
videotec 13 8 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2008 12:06PM
WOW! Stace
Superb Butterflys in your Gallery--Like them loads.

Thanks for YOUR comments

blacky 13 4 1 England
25 Aug 2008 11:56PM
just great pf superb images
2himanshu 13 23 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2008 2:35PM
Wow! what a beautiful pf.
Angelbabe 13 13 England
24 Aug 2008 8:05PM
A beautiful portfolio!
steviehutch 14 18 United Kingdom
22 Aug 2008 8:04PM
outstanding pf-beautiful work.........steve
19 Aug 2008 7:43PM
stunning images. Strong portfolio well done Graham
markymook 13 6 United Kingdom
19 Aug 2008 7:30PM
Thanks for all the comments Stace......beautiful PF and always a pleasure to look at.A true inspiration to a beginner like me....thank you.
sharatoni 13 23 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2008 10:35PM
thank you i am 100% with you on that, i was more concernd about getting the water. im learning tho.x
jimg9341 13 2 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2008 8:55AM
Thank you Stace for your comment on my image Mandarin, what a super standard you have set with your portfolio great macro shots....JIM
sharatoni 13 23 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2008 7:41AM
thanks for your comment stacy, fab pf.... i think ill give up now!!!!
barry john 17 25 England
13 Aug 2008 8:44PM
Great portfolio some really nice macro shots ,,, an area I'm just into
Barry John
pluckyfilly 14 351 33 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2008 11:59AM
great PF I will be back
franfoto 13 2 32 England
4 Aug 2008 5:01PM
I was drawn to your PF after a comment left on one of my images and have to say I was delighted with it's contents. Your work is of a lovely standard and I have added you to my favourites.
1 Aug 2008 6:20PM
Enjoyed looking at your pf
SoulOfNature 13 23 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2008 4:36PM
Love your PF very inspirational ,some beautiful pictures .
Jean x
mark1309 14 13 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2008 6:57PM
Great pf, some fantastic shots here,
Tomaz 13 4 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2008 7:52PM
Thanks for taking the time to look at our PF. Just been looking at yours. Love it. These are the kind of shots we're still striving to acheive.
Tony & Maz
steviehutch 14 18 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2008 8:59PM
outstanding pf a pleasure to view.steve
dwarf 13 52 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2008 9:52AM
lovely pf your handling of the flowers is great. dorothy
dawnmichelle 14 12 United States
15 Jul 2008 3:25PM
wow you have a magnificent PF.... love it...
LeonSLR 13 1 Wales
3 Jul 2008 5:13PM
cheers for the comment stace i will do what you said.

thank's LeonSLR
sharatoni 13 23 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2008 4:41PM
thanks stace for your comments, all urs r fab.x
Jew 13 United Kingdom
27 Jun 2008 10:21PM
Love your portfolio , I to love taking flowers colours so beautiful.

patman 15 1 United Kingdom
25 Jun 2008 9:56PM
hi stace i have just been looking at your portfolio and you have got some cracking photos,nice work...regards patman
Baronred 13 2 Australia
23 Jun 2008 3:44PM
Love the potfolio, Great contrast of images, all excellently captured and displayed.
Buffalo_Tom Plus
15 2.3k 21 Wales
23 Jun 2008 9:09AM
Hello Stace,
Just going thru your P/F and your flower images are something else.So much detail and lovely compositions.A credit.
Thank you for your comments.
Excellent work, it is hard to pick a favourite they all receive my vote
I look forward to re-visiting your portfolio.
McTattie (Macro)
21 Jun 2008 9:55PM
Thanks for kind comments,You have a great Pf,some Stunning images,The flowers are Gorgeous!David
dwarf 13 52 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2008 2:54PM
lovely portfolio. Nice mix of images all very well handled. Congratulations dorothy
tomf148 13 2 Ireland
17 Jun 2008 11:39PM
Hi Stace
Thank you for yourcomment on my photo - I am new to ePHz so I am only learning my way around - lovely photos of flowers
VCLex 13 1 Belgium
13 Jun 2008 11:06PM
A very impressive gallery. Nature photographing at its best.
BigKiz 16 Scotland
12 Jun 2008 7:29PM
Excellent work Stace these are very nice pictures, keep it up!

Thanks very much for your lovely comment!

proz 16 205 United States
12 Jun 2008 5:58PM
you have the makings of a very fine portfolio here, glad I stumbled across it.
jammy_sam 13 57 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2008 2:50PM
Great portfolio, you have a lovely style

DaveH64 13 2 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2008 7:47PM
Crisp colourful images like them.

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