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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • a tree at firkin point by meyeview

    nice Firkin shot!!! Ian
    • 5 Nov 2009 9:29PM
  • Liberty by Scutter

    no need to wonder, stunning shot, Ian
    • 5 Nov 2009 9:06PM
  • Castle of Zoro by knackeredoldman

    stunning shoot of a beautiful place, Ian
    • 3 Nov 2009 7:05PM
  • View down Pyg trail by chasing_tarmac

    looks like the same weather we had, clear blue skys when we set of thick cloud at the top, oh well
    • 2 Nov 2009 8:22PM
  • Llandudno Sunrise by Trout_Man

    stunning!! ian
    • 2 Nov 2009 12:09AM
  • Maybeck-2 by JimL

    great shot, not taken last wednesday by any chance? I have just uploaded a couple from the same location, take last wed around lunch time, cheers Ian
    • 1 Nov 2009 6:12PM
  • Play Off Final. by JeremyTrickett

    gets my vote, as a Burnley fan!
    • 31 May 2009 1:36PM
  • Preston Players celebrate by lancashirepictures

    Great photo, but a bad result, speaking as a Burnley fan that is!

    Cheers ian
    • 18 Apr 2009 7:47PM
  • glen afton by davidcollins

    works really well with the water running away from the camera for a change, Ian
    • 9 Apr 2009 7:12PM
  • Glencoe Falls by DouglasLatham

    Nice light, excellent.

    • 14 Sep 2008 2:14PM
  • Crinan Sands by Scott_Scot

    Superb light and comp, Ian
    • 3 Sep 2008 8:56PM
  • Leigh Creek by lobsterboy

    Superb, well worth the early start
    • 26 Aug 2008 1:44PM
  • Worbarrow Tout by flyingseale

    Well worth the effort, great shot, Ian
    • 25 Aug 2008 5:30PM
  • Rush hour by dmhuynh72

    Very effective, works for me!
    Chers Ian
    • 21 Jun 2008 6:24PM
  • Glencoe Tree !!! by Scott_Scot

    great shot, envious of the shot and the move, hope it goes well.

    • 19 Jun 2008 9:24PM
  • On the rocks by stanny

    Thanks for your comments, I hadn't noticed the blue cast but can see it now, mainly on the bottom left corner? Maybe I should have cropped it as suggested by LeighRebecca?
    In answer to the question by Warney it was shot in RAW.

    Thanks again for your time and comments, all noted.

    Cheers Ian
    • 14 Jun 2008 12:12AM
  • Sunset Beach by Lucid_Dreams

    Superb sunset, very well taken. Stunning.

    • 10 Jun 2008 10:24PM
  • Sunset sail by Rob_Taylor

    Nice comp and subtle colours.

    • 19 Aug 2007 11:44PM
  • Harlech'ish Beach by stanny

    Thanks for taking the time to view and comment, much appreciated.

    Cheers Ian
    • 13 Aug 2007 8:24PM
  • Exworks Scooby by barneyj

    Great shot, happy to be No.30, cheers ian
    • 10 Aug 2007 10:05PM
  • Sold!!! by whipspeed

    Congratulations on the sale and a great shot.

    • 9 Aug 2007 4:24PM
  • Criccieth Castle by stanny

    Thanks for viewing and taking the time to comment and vote, much appreciated, as always.

    Cheers Ian
    • 9 Aug 2007 3:55PM
  • Snowdonia Stream by stanny

    Thanks for your comments and votes, cheers Ian
    • 6 Aug 2007 1:27AM
  • Bamburgh Castle by stanny

    Thanks for your comments and time, still new to this photograghy lark and not sure if the shots I like really work. Thanks again, Ian
    • 17 Jul 2007 7:15PM
  • Reflections by stanny

    Thanks for taking the time to look and comment, much appreciated, cheers Ian
    • 15 Jul 2007 10:12PM
  • Night rally by stanny

    Thank's for your comments. Not always easy to find either gravel or water, but I take your point.

    I agree, Ross, it's got to be the best rally in the world. I hope to be going back to Mull this year, hopefully to take more pic's, spent most of last year in a chase car for a mate.

    Thanks again, Ian
    • 13 Jun 2007 7:58PM