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  • Commented on 'Stolen photo, what to do!'


    This company are using one of my images without my permission, any advice?

    My image


    Contact the host of their website, explaining to them that someone has uploaded a stolen/copyrighted image taken/owned by might be surprised by the result!
    Not too long ago a guy stole an image of mine, simply edited it using an auto paint software program and uploaded it onto DA professing it to be an original 'oil painting' created and owned by him...I reported it to the admins of the site who looked into it and discovered the guy was in the habit of fraudulently claiming the work of others, to be his own!
    I also discovered who the host of his personal website was and they too took the whole matter very seriously, taking down his site until the image of mine and any others he was claimng to be 'his work' were removed.
    I wasn't really interested in pushing for compensation, just wanted the guy exposed for what he was...a ****!!
    • 29 Nov 2012 1:18AM
  • Commented on 'Why do you hide your recent activity?'

    Quote:You're right, I think a lot of people hide it to hide their cliquey behaviour.

    Of which there is plenty to witness here on this site!
    • 29 Apr 2011 6:46PM
  • Commented on 'Current gallery trends...'

    Quote:Sorry, Geoff, but your last post really does sound like sour grapes. It's not as if you don't get a decent amount of votes on your work and you've had a few awards and looking at them and your portfolio I'd say that yes, the best have been awarded.
    Looking at your recent work, yes they are very, very well taken, the PS work is well done, the models are extremely attractive and well posed. But to me, they just lack that spark of something extra that stands out in some of your previous work, they are just models against a plain background, whereas some of your other work seems more creative & just have that spark of something to them.
    I really hope you don't take this the wrong way, it's only my opinion after all.
    There will always be people who vote for their friends, it's human nature. Personally I go though the gallery and look at thumbnails that interest me and vote or comment as I feel, but I don't normally look at who has taken them. There are some portfolios that I do look at regularly as well, because the work appeals to me. So, I for one, DO look at the image and I don't think that I'm alone in that.

    Although after saying enough from me I just couldn't resist coming back to answer this? I'd also like to add before going any further and to back up your wishes that no, I haven't taken this the wrong way?
    As we are all aware, photography is subjective and we will never please everyone all of the time, if people like what I do then that's great, if they don't that's fine too, nobody died Smile
    You obviously take a lot of pleasure from shooting guys on bikes. I don't but that's fine as it's entirely your choice and the images appear to be serving you very well Smile

    Nothing to do with 'sour grapes' at all, along with you and the rest of the members of this site, I to have the right to an opinion, viewpoint and the right to decide what I either like or don't like?
    What I do find quite interesting is your observation that my most recent work seemingly features 'just models against a plain background'. However it must be pointed out that the great majority of my images 'including' half of my awarded photographs, also feature 'just models against a plain background', looking alarmingly similar in content, so in effect your point falls flat?

    If I choose to work with models, apart from location work an alternative is to work with them in a studio...most of which feature 'plain backgrounds'...where my attention/effort almost always centre around the girl in the picture, thus avoiding props, clutter and the rest of it.

    I'm actually quite proud of the awards my images have received, it's very satisfying and refreshing to realise what we do is not in vain Smile
    I do pay a lot of attention to detail etc. during the editing process, usually in an attempt to create something special?
    They are not produced however like some HC/EC images I see where it's patently obvious little thought or effort has gone into them, or in some cases are little more than snapshots!
    I just found it surprising when told only the best and most outstanding images on this site, are picked out?

    Hopefully a reasonable reply but if you see it as sour grapes yet again then so be it, again that's your choice!
    • 21 Apr 2011 5:26PM
  • Commented on 'Current gallery trends...'

    Quote:Sounds like your seeking some sycophantic adulation

    Nah, you don't know how wrong you are my friend?
    If I was on the receiving end of the kinda thing I believe you are suggesting, I would feel quite sick to the stomach!

    I just enjoy what I do, spending many a happy hour whilst doing it?
    The 'genre' I work in actually costs me a lot of money, itself being a bind at times but hey ho!
    I do all this because I love it and if it's accepted and received in a positive way, all the better.

    I always endeavour to achieve the highest quality I can, which might work at times, other times not....yet the effort is always constant.
    After uploading an image to this site, keeping in mind the time it's taken from the outset to the final product, to be greeted with very little or no interest at all, is kinda frustrating at best?
    It may simply be a case that people don't like the image, although strangely with it being of a very similar look/feel to an image upload within a previous day or so, it gets me thinking.

    I made the point (which I stand by) after viewing the work of several people here on this site who, despite whatever image they upload, 'always' without exception have this sycophantic's quite sad in a way!
    You see, the viewer 'never' looks at the image, they don't need to because it's by 'so and so', it just has to be amazing!
    Well very often it isn' an example a 'named' guy uploaded a portrait some days ago, for me it was nothing special, apart from my confusion due to the look/hair/make-up/pose which his camera club friends seemed to 'die for', the airbrushing (in particular along the girl's jaw line) was done very badly and the imperfections (edited ones, not hers) are appalling!
    It received well in excess of 100 votes, an EC, a HC and probably a bouquet and a box of chocolates to boot! All rather mystifying when I'm told 'only' the best, most outstanding images receive the attention, plaudits and awards? Heyyyyy, do me a favour!

    Anyway that's enough from me, I've said all I have to say!
    • 21 Apr 2011 12:55PM
  • Commented on 'Current gallery trends...'

    Oh I see, so what you are now saying is the high/low levels of votes I get could be biased in favour of whether the ladies I happen to photograph are naked, or not so?
    Well I'll be damned, I think you are clutching at straws don't you?
    Also you've awarded my 'best'?...well again that's just your opinion and to be quite frank I don't rate it but that's ok because that's it for me with uploads to this site, it won't happen again as it appears from your summing up here, the images I take are merely tittilation for the masses and it appears absolutely worthless?
    Am I to take it you are saying the greater amount of flesh on show, the more votes I get? Well now we can't have that can we and here's me trying to be a serious photographer, never mind!
    I'm sure you have witnessed some of the more (dare I say) tacky nude, nay soft core porn images on your site? What do you think of those then?
    You've actually discounted every point I've made throughout this thread, as for being a guest editor that is totally out of the see when the members who do receive the much coveted awards they have bestowed on them daily, don't actually get one from me because their images really aren't as good as the credit you give them, if I'm not mistaken there will be hell to pay! Wink
    • 21 Apr 2011 1:04AM
  • Commented on 'Current gallery trends...'

    That was just my way of explaining the original point I brought up and how biased things seem to be here on this site?
    We all want to produce something worthwhile, we all want our images to have impact, be liked and hopefully receive plaudits of some kind...I don't think I'm alone in thinking this? If I was then someone might be kind enough to explain to me what 90+% of the members are doing on a site such as this?
    At times, I do receive very few votes/comments on my images, there's nothing I can do about that but I'm still happy to get them. It does show someone has taken the time to look, hopefully saying something positive about it and not just given me a vote because I happen to be a member of the same camera club as them!
    Not entirely sure what you class as 'outstanding' work but whatever it is it's your own personal take/opinion on things although I have witnessed several members pages littered with awards for images which at best I would say are nothing out of the ordinary?
    I'll just be content with those that do like my stuff and if I do get a great number of votes for a particular image whilst your just happy to pass it by (which does happen) then I'll just have to accept that although it may be very good, in your considered opinion, it just ain't good enough Smile
    • 21 Apr 2011 12:05AM
  • Commented on 'Current gallery trends...'


    I find it quite surprising that you chose to use a sarcastic remark to close your reply, I'm actually not as shallow as you might think?
    It does however surprise me a bit when after a few days I may get 15 to 20 votes and no comments for one of my images yet certain members uploading an image of perhaps the same standard will probably get 150 or so, a HC and EC within a 24 hour period?
    Ok, perhaps I should emphasise that this comment wasn't actually directed towards you personally, or your chosen reasons for giving out HC awards etc.?
    As a rule I never pass judgement (negative or otherwise) on the work produced by others, although at times if I see what I feel is an outstanding image, for what it's worth I do offer something positive? It does however surprise me that a few never even bother to respond with a simple thanks...unlike them (ego driven), I will never vote on someones work just so they may reply in kind, all I do is try to give credit where it's due?

    Thanks to Coleslaw for your comment, very kind of ya although despite what Pete believes, I don't actually 'get off' on the adulation certain members thrive on?
    I'm happy enough for people just to enjoy what I do and perhaps take a little time to give feedback making me aware that what I'm doing is actually worthwhile Smile
    • 20 Apr 2011 10:10PM
  • Commented on 'Current gallery trends...'

    Can I be so bold as to ask who these 'very important' members who have decided to leave this site, actually are?
    They obviously had there reasons for moving along...something which I'm considering myself as of late due to fact that this site seems to promote sycophantic adulation for the chosen few instead of encouraging the (dare I say) 'lesser gifted' of us?
    • 20 Apr 2011 8:43PM
  • Commented on 'Hobo Publishing?'

    Just thought I would offer an update on this situation....strange as it may seem I did eventually receive the dvd which I had payed for?
    Trouble being, it just wouldn't work!!!
    On (attempted) install, all I repeatedly get is a message saying the file format can't be read, though I don't actually believe it's meant to?
    I tried to contact the new owners (same guy's name on the support email addy) who had the nerve to offer me this same dvd in another email I received? Since that time...nothing!
    Unfortunately we have all been conned by Hobo Publishing!
    • 23 Aug 2010 8:35PM
  • Commented on ''Airbrushing''

    So what do people think of the latest and future craze in the film industry, whereby humans are being gradually replaced by cgi created, flawless skinned 'actors/actresses'?
    Regardless of how these 'stars' appear, most of these films are aimed at youngsters...although I wouldn't think for one minute any of them would choose to look like their hero?
    Imagery in all forms is a powerful medium and either by itself or due to the creators of it, can literally change the world, or perhaps dictate peoples perceptions of what is real or false.
    It really is up to the viewer how they perceive or decide what's in front of them, be it fake or genuine.

    Let's not forget the photographers of old (some mentioned above)...particular those involved in candid street photography who had full reign to go about their daily business of practising their genius unapproached, whereas nowadays simply by taking a camera out of it's bag in any major high street may result in the owner being clamped in irons?

    It is a sad reality that young people look at images of their idols, wishing they looked exactly like them...I appreciate it's a damning reality but just like the need to be taught the difference between right and wrong, understanding how to dicipher reality from fantasy is also a must?

    I use various skin softening techniques, hopefully without purposely producing something which is totally fake? I also use other editing ideas, mainly with the aim of creating images that people may find interesting to look at?
    I also hire and pay models to pose for me, whether or not they see the end result is one thing, another is they always insist on the desire to look as good as possible. Even if that means the removal of every single blemish they have.

    I'm not saying what is the right or wrong way. I do feel however, as with most things these days, we (even as adults) tend to be crippled by a protectionist nanny state that feels a need to guide us into believing everything we see or do, is not necessarily the right way to go, instead of us having the opportunity to decide for ourselves?

    Just a personal view, nothing more Smile
    • 27 Mar 2010 9:14PM
  • Commented on 'Hobo Publishing?'

    Just to update this post and say I have now received the dvd mentioned above!

    I perhaps realise my guilt at being a little impatient but can't for the life of me understand why in this day and age, (although I appreciate people are very busy) someone can't find just a couple of minutes to keep you informed about a situation?

    Not to worry Smile

    • 20 Feb 2010 8:48AM
  • Commented on 'Hobo Publishing?'

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of, or bought anything from a company going by the name of Hobo Publishing?
    They produce downloadable photography programs..ebooks type of thing.

    I have bought a few programs in the past, they were very good and there was never a problem downloading them
    Now they are selling a dvd with all 20 of their programs included on it. To co-incide, the programs can also be downloaded (allegedly)
    I have purchased this disc, they have received my money but try as I might (to no avail) the download links don't work and I've received no confimation of delivery (as promised) of this dvd!
    There is another guy I've been in touch with who is experiencing the very same problem.

    I actually think this may be a of the 25th February 2010, Hobo Publishing is changing ownership and the dvd will never be available again? After emailing them every couple of days or so over the past 3 weeks, I have heard nothing in return!

    It seems to me they may be stalling until that date, after which it will be pointless contacting them again.
    The dvd wasn't that expensive to me personally but how many others have perhaps been duped into sending their money to these people?

    Any information would be very appreciated


    • 17 Feb 2010 1:39AM