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A quick view of Steppenwolf's recent activity.

  • Green Woodpecker by Steppenwolf

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, they're incredibly wary - always looking around them and up at the sky. As usual, it's a pity the picture has had to be compressed to 100kb because the full size version is technically one of the best I think I've taken, but it doesn't really show on this version.
    • 27 Aug 2013 12:55PM
  • Ring-Necked Parakeet by Steppenwolf

    Thanks. Looks even better when not compressed to 100kB!
    • 16 Aug 2013 9:31AM
  • Posted on: Sony Alpha A77 vs A65 SLT Hands On Preview

    You've left out a very important difference between the A65 and the A77. The A77 has focus fine tuning for individual lenses. The A65 doesn't. I don't know if these cameras are going to suffer from the same FF/BF problems that the DLSRs do, but if so, lens fine tuning is a killer feature - especially if you use telephotos.

    It's also annoying that they've deliberately left this feature out to push people into paying a lot more to get the A77. It costs Sony nothing to add this to firmware.
    • 19 Oct 2011 4:54PM

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