'Portrait Photography' Competition - Win A Samyang 85mm F/1.4 FE II Lens!

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steve allsopp

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  • Commented on 'What are you listening to?'

    classic Steve Albini, Rapeman - Two Nuns and a Pack Mule

    • 15 May 2009 2:33AM
  • Commented on 'What are you listening to?'

    The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clarke
    • 2 Apr 2009 12:01AM
  • Commented on 'Choices'

    thanks again for your input zen, i have a 50mm 1.8 so can keep the change and buy a beer or two Smile
    • 7 May 2008 3:36AM
  • Commented on 'Choices'

    cheers for those replies, kind of supports what I was thinking, just whether the IS would help with low light situations, but was nudging towards the 2.8. thanks again.
    • 6 May 2008 8:39AM
  • Commented on 'Choices'

    hi folks, i'm looking to buy a 70-200mm lens and am in a bit of a quandry as to go for the Canon 70-200mm f4 IS USM or the 2.8 non IS. I will be using it for photographing bands and so on in theatres/pubs etc to some extent but not exclusively. In NZ they're both much the same price so I guess it's just a question of which will perfom best in low light?
    • 6 May 2008 3:31AM
  • Commented on 'First Publishing!'

    chuffed for you, well deserved too.
    • 9 Apr 2008 10:42PM
  • Commented on 'What was the First Album or Single you bought?'

    Single - Questions and Answers - Sham 69 (cough)
    Album was Never mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols
    Happy days Smile
    • 9 Dec 2007 8:06PM
  • Commented on 'Photo locations in New Zealand'

    Hey Johnny, 3 weeks really isn't very long but in addition to the above, I would recommend the Catlins area, south of Dunedin, some great waterfalls and coast, and also Lake Tekapo in the Central Sth Island. If your travelling back through Wellington, see if you can check out, Cape Palliser (great coast and large seal colony) and Castlepoint, both in the Wairarapa.
    • 4 Nov 2007 10:37PM
  • Commented on 'What wild life lives in your city?'

    Aside from a large number of differing bird species I've seen Possums, Deer, wild pigs, Orca, Dolphins and Seals, oh and huge sweeping herds of camper vans Wink
    • 16 Oct 2007 10:37PM
  • Commented on 'What are you listening to?'

    TNT - Tortoise, last night and some Lambchop in the car this morning. Smile
    • 16 Oct 2007 10:34PM
  • Commented on 'What was your first concert?'

    Siouxsie and the Banshees, Birmingham Odeon 1978, a pretty indimidating and amazing sight for an 11 year old. Smile
    • 3 Oct 2007 10:46PM
  • Commented on 'Filter question'

    cheers for the reply andy, appreciate your comments.
    • 1 Oct 2007 12:38AM
  • Commented on 'Filter question'

    thanks again much appreciated. I think maybe the option of being able to safely use more than one filter would be preferable, so maybe the X-Pro are the best option.
    Cheers Steve
    • 30 Sep 2007 11:09PM
  • Commented on 'Filter question'

    Thanks Strawman, Will be using them for a 10 -20, with the Z am I right in thinking the filter holder only allows use of one filter at a time? Or am I just making that up?
    • 30 Sep 2007 10:08PM
  • Commented on 'Filter question'

    Hi all, I'm wanting to upgrade my filter system from Cokin P series to either Lee or Cokin X-Pro. So obviously which ones should I go for? Is there a significant increase in the quality of materials used in the X-Pro from the P series to make a switch worthwhile? Are X-Pro significantly better or worse than Lee? If I choose Lee are hard or soft grads more versatile? Questions questions!!
    Any switch in system is going to cost a lot, Speedgraphic ship out to NZ but the cost of X-Pro and Lee systems are huge in NZ $'s and I can't find a supplier in NZ for them so I must choose carefully.
    Thanks folks,
    • 30 Sep 2007 9:41PM
  • Commented on 'Motto for Great Britain'

    Quote:Britain: Not as bad as it looks.

    er.. well... er.... sorry... it is actually :-(
    • 21 Sep 2007 12:02PM
  • Commented on 'Recommend a band...'

    Wilco (current album Sky Blue Sky) and Lambchop I'd recommend to anyone and everyone. Oh and Field Music.

    • 21 Jun 2007 2:27AM
  • Commented on 'Was this necessary?'

    i think suziblue may have summed it up quite well
    • 20 Jun 2007 1:45AM
  • Commented on 'Smoking ban'

    We've had the no smoking law over here (nz) for a while now and even a smoker i think its an excellent and (obvious) idea given the dangers of smoking. don't smoke in my own house either - have children to think about. should probably quit then but I've heard its quite difficult Wink and I do enjoy the occasional smoke.
    When i was back in England last year I rarely went to the pub as I found them unbearable with smoke everywhere, clothes stinking and so on.
    • 20 Jun 2007 1:40AM
  • Commented on 'Where is everyone off on their holidays?'

    10 days on the South Island in August. a weeks fishing at White Island after Christmas and back to the Abel Tasman in between. Smile
    • 12 Jun 2007 1:59AM
  • Commented on 'Sigma 10-20mm and Cokin P series compatibility?'

    Yup, Peters right, use it myself with no vignetting at all, as said you can only use one filter with it tho'
    • 22 May 2007 4:07AM
  • Commented on 'Who lives outside the UK?'

    Wellington New Zealand
    • 8 May 2007 5:17AM
  • Commented on 'XP or Vista'

    i've just bought a new pc thru dell and didn't get the xp or vista option, just vista. have had no hassles at all running cs2 or several programmes at once etc. more than happy.
    • 5 Apr 2007 8:18PM
  • Commented on 'Best male/female singer'

    Male - Gram Parsons or maybe Tim Buckley
    Female - Emmylou Harris
    • 12 Mar 2007 12:06AM
  • Commented on 'What scanner to buy for 35mm negatives'

    I've got a 9950f which i'm looking to sell as now use digital - send me a pm if you'd like to discuss it further.
    • 13 Sep 2006 9:39PM
  • Commented on 'Wotcha read'n' for?'

    New York Trilogy - Paul Auster
    • 9 Sep 2006 10:06AM
  • Commented on 'Photographers DO rock!'

    Was in a band for several years in the 90's, a few singles with a fair bit of coverage, toured in an old ambulance had record deal but all turned to poo, got dropped. Did do a Peel Session though! Smile

    • 15 Aug 2006 5:32PM
  • Commented on 'Top 10 albums?'

    In no particular order -
    Tom Waits - Heart of Saturday Night
    Grateful Dead - Workingmans Dead
    Gram Parsons - GP/Grevious Angel
    Love - Forever Changes
    Tim Buckley - Goodbye and Hello
    Flaming Lips - Soft Bulletin
    Lambchop - How I quit smoking
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Good Son
    Dinosaur Jnr - You're living all over me
    Rolling Stones - Exile on MAin Street

    many others could be included but that would be more than 10

    • 12 Aug 2006 9:57AM
  • Commented on 'This week I have been mostly listening to...'

    Forever Changes by Love - Arthur Lee RIP

    • 10 Aug 2006 2:50AM
  • Commented on 'I am in a Local Photo Gallery!!'

    Nice one Joe, hope it goes well and enjoy.
    • 21 Nov 2005 10:47AM