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  • 34092 City of Wells by harrywatson

    Great shot,shows the size of these locos well. This particular class were quite well known for their smokiness and abliity to create sparks.
    • 24 Jan 2021 3:35PM
  • Tornado Nov 16 Version 2 by steve_p

    WinkYes, I am a volunteer visitor guide at the Severn Valley Railway's Engine House visitor centre. Free steam train travel to and from my work there- and views like this!Smile
    • 6 Nov 2016 8:49PM
  • Airbus A380 by Gibbo79

    I like the perspective, it gives an idea of the size of the plane!
    • 11 Feb 2013 8:31PM
  • Sir Nigel Gresley II by maroondah

    Nice atmosphere, good shot in tricky lighting!
    • 9 Mar 2009 6:03PM
  • Grosmont Shed by TonyFrith

    Nice atmosphere.Well shot.
    • 27 Feb 2009 7:38PM
  • New toy :o) by sidaorb

    Carl, I would be wrong not to vote for this- its just a small taste of what the G9 can do! BTW my avatar pic was taken with it!
    • 27 Jan 2009 9:29PM
  • PTS Passed by TonyFrith

    Thats what snow is made for- to make Steam shots atmospheric-love it!!
    • 20 Jan 2009 7:30PM
  • Posted on: Why Damian McGillicuddy Loves The OM-D

    It all falls into place now as to why this site is obsessed with the Olympus OM D. I wondered why the hype, I've tried one and I think it's very expensive for what it is.
    • 26 Apr 2013 6:07PM
  • Posted on: Six Jessops Stores Reopen Today

    I have always been a supporter of Jessops, , however I called into Birmingham to have a look. Not a lot has changed.high prices on Memory cards and many gaps on the display. Hope that changes. The store wasn't over busy.
    I enquired about using my gift card. The answer was yes I could use it against a Tecnno bag or photo printing ,but nothing else - surely that's not legally correct is it?
    • 28 Mar 2013 4:04PM
  • Posted on: Jessops report 19.1 million loss

    I had 3 people come into the Jessops where I work Saturdays.
    Their first statement- theres a recession on so how much will you knock off the price( or variations on that statement).
    The manager's reply.
    Nothing because there's a recession on and we have to survive it.
    We will price match locally- so long as the item is identical and in stock!
    • 1 Feb 2009 8:05PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS 1000D - lightest EOS SLR announced

    Tha canon site quotes SRP 499 for the 1000D and 600 for the 450D so I would think prices would actually be less.
    • 10 Jun 2008 5:59PM
  • Posted on: Digital SLR Photography - now available

    I bought it Saturday, quite impressed with it, but there are a few typo errors and the Canon lens tests 70-300mm are mixed up.
    Much better than the other recently launched mag!!!
    • 14 Nov 2006 5:32PM

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