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Seven year itch


Stuck my head in again, see what's going on...
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Seven year itch

4 Dec 2009 4:26PM   Views : 876 Unique : 609

I did make a little forum post to mark the occasion, but what the hell, l'll make a blog entry too....

I joined Ephotozine 7 years ago today. 4th December, 2002. When I joined I was exactly a month away from my 30th birthday, and a month today I'll be 37. That's a proper chunk of my life, all of my 30's.

When I joined, I was part way through doing my City & Guilds photography. Funnily enough, I'm half way through a course now, Photography, Art & Architecture at Central St. Martins. A period of 7 years bookended by photography courses, although the current course is much more conceptual than practical.

I often wonder where we're all going, where the site is going. I can only assume I'll be marking 10 years on the site in 3 years time, some people are nearly there, which seems remarkable. Will some of us have 15, or 20 stars after our names at some point? I can't say it's been all plain sailing, I've got bored at times, deleted all my images, not used the site for a while - but can anyone who has been in any relationship for 7 years or more say it's all been enjoyable? I think the positives of being a member have certainly outweighed the negatives. I've met some great people through the site, one or two have become genuine real-life friends, and I've progressed my photography to a level where I do a bit of it professionally. I've not been as active as some, but have absorbed the information nonetheless, and very helpful it's been.

I now feel on the cusp of a new period in my own photographic journey, my work is maturing, I'm becoming less interested in the 'how' and more in the 'what' and 'why' of photography, and taking much more interest in the fine art / documentary side. I kind of feel that now I've learnt quite a bit of the language, I need to figure out what I'm trying to say. I sometimes feel Ephotozine isn't the right place for where I'm heading, but there have been some interesting initiatives recently in areas like critical discussion, and some great and interesting new photographers have joined. I guess the site can only be as interesting and relevant as the members make it. I can't deny that EPZ has been an almost constant companion in my photography so far, so let's see where we go from here. What can't be denied is the unique community Pete has nurtured here, something which nearly finished him off but to which he still contributes a lot. I'm not normally given to sycophancy, but sometimes you do have to take a step back and think how many other sites you still drop in on almost every day, after 7 years... think about it.

Anyway, I could go on directionless for ages, so here's to the next however many years!

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Boyd 18 11.2k 11 Wales
4 Dec 2009 4:50PM
By heck, I can remember when this blog area was just fields....

Couldn't agree more with you Steve and I hope the next seven are as, if not more, enjoyable as the first.
Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
4 Dec 2009 6:42PM
The course sounds interesting Steve. I think that may be the one Jarvis Cocker went off to do when Pulp was just a local hit to Sheffield. When he finished and kick started the band they became a huge success. Fingers crossed it has some affect on you and maybe gets you back into commercial photography with a different level of success or interest.

With regard to ePHOTOzine I've always hoped those that grow with it and get help from the elders/experienced members of the site go on to be those giving the assistance. Sadly in the past some photographers have freely taken the info and then left when they felt they'd become too big for the site. It happens in business too companies invest in staff and they leave when they outgrow the business.

What ePHOTOzine offers though is a chance to do new things, as you have seen and mentioned, we can provide the playground for new ideas. More or less anything that any other site offers can be developed on here, but unlike many sites that have larger publishing companies behind them and fairly rigid formulas, we have the flexibility to also try new things that haven't yet been done.

The other difference here, I like to think, is the personal touch. Sometimes that's good and I guess for those who don't like my views/ways it's bad. But it's still a connection.

I hope you are here in three years, - even 10 - and that you never feel like you've outgrown the site, but that's partly up to you and our other veterans (if that's what you are Wink )to find new aspects of the site that will keep you entertained.

We keep throwing new ideas into the pot and we have many more to come, but some, like the critical comments, stem from you guys.
riprap007 17 1.6k 37 England
4 Dec 2009 8:25PM
well congrats youngster Wink LOL eee, I remember the time...

I think it's great to get refreshed, especially in an area as broad as photography; alwyas brimming with new invention...

I'd like to thank you personally for the inspiration you've given me over the years with your never afraid to be quirky approach... Smile

All the best Steve

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