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A quick view of steveh11's recent activity.

  • B&W make-up by fb101

    Quote:Striking pose. I like the shadow I think it compliments the pose

    Yes, I agree with that. Excellent, I think.

    • 26 Oct 2005 1:51AM
  • Disneyland Paris by richardbuckland

    That's as pretty as a painting, Richard. Lovely shot, and Thanks for the comment on Sammy-Jo!

    • 28 Jul 2005 4:08PM
  • Girl2 by LinneaFrank

    I agree with both of the above comments, but I have to say as well that there's one heck of a good shot in there!

    Steve (clicked)
    • 18 May 2005 5:05AM
  • Sammie-Jo by steveh11

    Thanks Rich: Yes, I see that. Smile

    • 13 May 2005 11:13AM
  • Naughty by ginz04

    It's superb - the expression that is! Actually, if you crop to make it a horizontal headshot, it would make a rather good windows wallpaper, that can be used in an office environment! Wink

    • 13 May 2005 3:39AM
  • Lucy 5 by leedsgh

    Much, much better - great image.

    • 12 May 2005 8:55AM
  • Another six! by gillaroo

    Well of course it's not *real* cricket, it's the biff-bang stuff, they're wearing pyjamas... Smile

    Wonderful capture. I can't say that I'd remove anything - part of the atmosphere of the shot, imo.

    • 12 May 2005 6:22AM
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  • What... no ECs?

    MC Award?!! There isn't a wrinkle cream strong enough to make an MC award pleasurable enough! I dont envy Pete the EC decision but respect it and if a guest judge were to...
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  • Latest Survey - 'About you'

    Mmmmmmm, coookiees. Mattw
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  • 300D or 10D?

    I spent an hour this morning playing with a 300D in my local camera shop, and as I happened to have a CF card on me at the time I asked if they minded me taking some pict...
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  • Printing Photo's

    Steve, I doubt they vary much from Epson - however I was at the Canon day at Lulworth Castle earlier in the year and according to the Canon rep (well he would say this...
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  • Best place to buy the Canon 300D

    The very fact that the seller goes into this much detail puts reasonable doubt in my mind that it will ever be shipped from the UK! What he is trying to say is that he...
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  • What Digital SLR Camera?

    "Andrew for just under 1500 you can get the Canon EOS-20D" Perhaps he can't wait that long CB! ;-) Frank W
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