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Hi and thanks for having a look at my gallery, please leave any feedback or thoughts as I am keen to improve and learn as much as possible
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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy browsing around the various galleries.
I am relatively new to photography, having a brief introduction for a year or so back in 1980 using a Pentax ME Super, unfortunately I didnít keep up my hobby back then with various commitments that I allowed to get in the way, but I never lost my interest in the landscape and visualising how different images could look in print. Then in 2006 I had the opportunity to buy my first budget digital SLR and have been hooked ever since, upgrading to my current set-up today. I am extremely passionate about photography and strive to learn as much as possible.


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    Wildlife / Nature
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    Flowers & Plants
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    Charlie Waite, David Noton, Helen Dixon
    Isle of Skye