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Please feel free to comment on my pics, be as critical as you like, preferably constructively. I have lots to learn about photography so all help greatly appreciated. Smile
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  • A hard life

    Quote:Hi Steve

    Just found this. We have had boxers for years!! Lovely pic but even better breed - this is what they do - spend most of their time watching you. Search 'Hettie' - its a pic of our latest girl currently in her 10th year.

    Take care


    Hi Brian

    We have had Boxers for years as well, this is the latest addition having lost our boy Lewis in November. This is Rebus who is 3 months old, he has been with us for about 5 weeks now and has settled brilliantly. He is a rescue dog that we got from Home Counties Boxer Welfare.

    • 6 Apr 2013 9:37AM
  • Hettie

    What a gorgeous looking girl.
    • 6 Apr 2013 9:37AM
  • Grand Magus Live : Heavy Rock Band.

    That is very impressive for hand held at 3 seconds, and I really like the shot, I love the fact you can see where the neck of the guitar has moved.

    You could have reduced the length of exposure if you had wanted by opening up the aperture somewhat. An f5.6 aperture would have given you closer to a 0.3 second exposure. That's a lot easier to handhold, especially if your lens has VR. Of course this would have given you a much shallower Depth of Field but I wouldn't have thought this would cause you a problem in this shot.
    • 3 Mar 2013 4:14PM
  • camera flash help!!!!


    Now you have provided the settings we can offer you much more help.

    The questions you need to ask yourself are.

    1. Did I need f22? I would suggest the answer would be no, all you relly need in focus is the people, they are all roughly on the same plane so something like f5.6 - f8 would have been fine, which would have let in much more natural light.

    2. Did I really need to be on ISO800? No, this is the cause of the noise. With a larger aperture and flash ISO100 would have probably been fine.

    3. Could I have had a longer exposure. The flash will effectively freeze everything being lit by flash, and as long as you were not zoomed in a long way you could have probably used 1/100 or even 1/60 of a second.

    Essentially though what you need to do is change the ISO to 100. open up the aperture a lot and increase the exposure time.

    There will be a need for a bit of triall and error but thats part of the fun.

    Hope this helps.
    • 4 Mar 2010 2:40PM
  • Self Portrait

    Cheers Ade, and all for you comments.

    Quote:Skin head!!!??
    You can talk !!!

    I like the mod I think it works well, it moves my eye away from the centre of the picture, which I kind of knew looked wrong but I couldn't see how to correct it, a tighter crop never occured to me.

    It also looks a bit more moody which is what I was after.

    • 3 Jan 2010 11:57AM

    And I thought it was an easy one, loads of scope for ideas
    • 21 Dec 2009 8:48PM
  • Yacht For Sale

    Version 1 for me. I think a bit of restoration may be required to get that seaworthy Wink
    • 5 Dec 2009 8:42PM
  • What a fabulous set of Images. Truly awe inspiring stuff.
    • Posted on fishy2's profile
    • 24 Mar 2008 4:41PM