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Hi everyone. I enjoy taking photos, mainly wildlife but want to expand my horizons if possible and improve my skills with the camera. I will post some photographs and hope you will leave comments and let me know how to improve.
Many thanks, Steve.
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  • Robin

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mike and thank you for all your support this year.
    • 23 Dec 2017 10:40PM
  • Watching me, watching you.

    Beautiful Lighting and beautifully captured.
    • 24 Nov 2017 11:08PM
  • Tsavo West National Park #19

    A closer cropped version uploaded.
    • 22 Nov 2017 9:52AM
  • Cormorant

    Beautiful feather detail, a stunning shot.
    • 5 Nov 2017 10:57PM
  • Red Backed Shrike

    Stunning capture.
    • 4 Nov 2017 10:31PM
  • Cheetah Family

    A great family group, lovely to see. She's done well to raise 4 cubs. This was the one big cat I didn't see this trip to Tsavo West, rarely seen in this park because of the landscape even though there was plenty of suitable prey animals.
    Great shot Ron.
    • 3 Nov 2017 10:09PM
  • Giant Atlas Moth

    Thank you Kevin for the information, I have corrected the misinformation that was here. I assumed it was young as it had recently emerged from the pupae, my mistake. As you're now aware my knowledge of invertibrates is limited.
    • 25 May 2017 8:37AM
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  • A truly outstanding portfolio Karl. I wish I had your talent, I love the way you process the images, you should give tutorials.
    • Posted on K4RL's profile
    • 7 Nov 2015 10:58AM
  • A beautiful portfolio, some lovely work and beautiful models.
  • Your photography is superb and you are the most beautiful of models.
  • You have stunning p/f, the bird photography is outstanding.
  • A stunning p/f the photography is outstanding.
  • Your bird photography is truly outstanding and of a very professional standard. You have one of the small bird P/Fs on the site.
  • Your portraiture work is simply superb and highly professional. Your images are an inspiration.
  • You have a stunning PF. Some of your images have given inspiration to try similar techniques, many thanks.
  • You have a stunning PF, Richard. I'd love to be able to do work like this even half as well.
    • Posted on Richsr's profile
    • 21 May 2011 10:54AM
  • You have some beautiful birds in your PF.