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Hi everyone. I enjoy taking photos, mainly wildlife but want to expand my horizons if possible and improve my skills with the camera. I will post some photographs and hope you will leave comments and let me know how to improve.
Many thanks, Steve.
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  • New Venture

    When I was laid off from my full time job last year I decided I would venture into photography more and go semi pro. I had some cards and postcards printed and have just set up a web site, advertised in the local press and some promotions. I have had...

    21 Feb 2012 10:58PM | Read


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  • BWC

    Had another great day at the BWC for the BWC members meet. Fellow EPZ'ers TerryL and Greyheron were there and I believe Tom10 as well although I haven't met him. I need to catch up with some comments but it's my wedding anniversary so I won't have mu...

    10 Jul 2011 10:50AM | Read


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