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Hi all - after 20 years living in New Zealand I am now back in UK!
I've had an active interest in photography since I was 15.
I enjoy experimenting with various photographic styles and subjects. Comments and critique welcomed.
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A quick view of SteveNZ's recent activity.

  • More landings and a Dive!

    Stunning! I have attempted bird photography recently and obviously have much to learn!
    • 26 Feb 2016 8:01PM
  • Outpost

    Composition and monotone look work well
    • 23 Oct 2015 9:49PM
  • Golden Bracken

    The warm colours and lighting make this image
    • 23 Oct 2015 9:37PM
  • Nelly Ayre Foss Falls

    Really beautiful image. A description would complete the package Grin
    • 23 Oct 2015 9:27PM
  • S C O T L A N D

    Superb colours and reflection
    • 23 Oct 2015 9:18PM
  • Tree colours

    Beautifully warm colours
    • 23 Oct 2015 9:17PM

    Nice moody morning shot - suits black and white well
    • 23 Oct 2015 9:11PM
  • Absolutely stunning bird photography - I can see I have much to learn on this subject!
  • Plenty of outstanding images in your portfolio.
    • Posted on jer's profile
    • 25 Aug 2010 10:46PM
  • Your photos deserve a LOT more votes! Great work.
    Cheers -- Steve
  • Great portfolio. More please!
    • Posted on paulcr's profile
    • 13 Mar 2009 10:29AM
  • Wonderful work shown in your portfolio. And truly inspiring.
    Thanks for your comments on my photo. By pure coincidence it's only in the last few days I've learnt of the techniques you describe... and chose that photo as a first 'experiment'. Your advice is much appreciated.
    Cheers -- Steve.
    • Posted on Richsr's profile
    • 20 Aug 2008 9:45PM
  • You have some wonderful photos.
    Thanks for the comments you left on mine.
  • Awesome photos!
    BTW, I worked with a 'Mark Worsfold' some years ago... but suspect you are not him.
    Cheers -- Steve