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Thank you for looking at my portfolio. I hope you like creatures with more than four legs, although you will find other subjects. (Though no people!) I used to take casual film photographs in years gone by. I do love digital for being able to make adjustments after the event. ( Though only the basics. I find it all a bit mind numbing). I Currently use a Panasonic F200 ( now only very occasionally), a GX7, and a G80 with 14-42mm kit lens and 45-175mm PZ zoom, 25mm1.7, 12-60mm G vario and 100-300mm f4-5.6 G Vario. I love the GX7 for around town and casual photography. But the auto focus, tracking and weather resistance of the G80 make it very good for hiking, nature and landscape photography. I enjoy watching online video tutorials. Some of it must be sinking in. I sometimes find myself telling the presenter what to do to do next. I am hoping that one day that will translate into my taking better photographs. Good gear is nice. Many cameras produce great results.But patience, thought and technique count for a lot. I still need to develop mine.
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