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Welcome to my portfolio page. I am retired and live in Monmouthshire, South Wales.
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  • For many years I had the paid subscription to Spotify, but a problem with my computer meant I now use the free version. I use it for background music while on the computer and quite honestly the adverts don't bother me - its just like commercial radio except I can choose what I listen to and best of all its free.

  • Quote:But if no-one tells him he will never stop!

    Why should he stop. If that's what he sees, let him get on with it, don't try to make him a clone of those who don't have the imagination to do something different.
  • There is no need to import both a mono jpeg and its colour raw into Lightroom. If you press V, Lr will convert a colour picture to BW, so you can see what it looks like - then press V again to go back to colour.
  • Westonbirt
  • Thanks Chris, but on ebay they cost 40 to 50. Looks like I'll have to stick with the D5100 with that lens.
  • In 2013 I purchased a Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS lens and used it quite happily on my Nikon D5100 body.

    I have since acquired a D5300, but the lens will not autofocus on it - I have to do so manually and then I can take the picture. However the lens will still autofocus on the D5100. I have looked on the web and it appears there is a known problem with the Sigma 17-70 lens and the D5300 and there is a firmware update for the lens. BUT I cannot find any instructions on how to update the lens firmware.

    Can anyone help please?
  • for Tianshi_angie - Many thanks for the suggestion - I've now got fully functioning Nik software in CC again. Phew.
  • Kingbee. - Don't worry about the Nik software running on Elements 13. I've run the package very successfully on both Elements 10 and 12 and this year I downloaded a trial version of Elements 14 and ithey ran OK there as well. But I am having problems with them on Photoshop CC and would like to know if anyone else is.
  • I dislike zoos (animal jails), but Dudley Zoo is really worth visiting just to see the buildings (the castle and the wonderful Tecton reinforced concrete structures).
  • Ask the RFL
  • I have loaded Adobe Elements 12 on both my pc and my ancient laptop, but, in both cases, had to register it with Adobe before the program works. Unfortunately my laptop will not speak to the internet for some reason or another, which means that I get a message saying that Elements 12 must be registered with Adobe before it can be used (even though it was purchased legitimately). So I have had to re-install Elements 10 on the laptop for which registration is optional.
  • I agree with both of the above.GrinGrinGrinGrin
  • Hi Nick, I was (wrongly) put on a similar diet some years ago. My experience is to make sure that you are regularly tested for calcium levels in your body as mine had dropped to a very low level and I now have to take a supplement to boost it. Sorry can't help with the recipes, but finally having been (correctly) diagnosed with coeliac disease some years later I can sympathise with your problem when eating out but I find that the more reputable restaurants are very co-operative, but you must be prepared to accept a (sometimes) very restricted choice. Best of luck
  • The best way is to look at the reviews of the lens on the internet (Google Nikon 55-300), then make a decision.
  • Raw files contain and retain more information than jpegs, so often you can recover a blown out sky (for example) from a raw file where you can't from a jpeg. Plus the fact that every time you edit a jpeg file, its size reduces because it throws information away when saved. So if you edit a single file enough times (please don't ask me how many), the picture gets to a point where it deteriorates and looks horrible, whereas RAW files do not deteriorate irrespective of how many time you edit them. Think of raw files as a digital negative and jpeg as the print.
  • I'm prepared to be proven wrong but I'd imagine that furniture polish is sufficiently innocuous that you could use it sparingly on a camera

    I think furniture polish may contain silicones and experience shows that they can tend to creep all over the place, so I would keep them well clear of a camera.
  • What bothers me about all this is that the Government has allowed trialling of driverless cars. They are also controlled by software. If we can't get a simple website stable (no offence meant to ephotozine, it happens to all websites as well as aps), what chance do we have with controlling cars.
  • Could it be dirty contacts on the lens?
  • I have also uploaded Photoshop CC 2014, but have gone back to using Photoshop CC. I'm not convinced that 2014 is stable yet and I keep getting messages that I have a dll file missing and other strange things happen. I think that we, the customers, are being used as testers and I will not use it until Adobe update it (in other word issue bug fixes) and it becomes more stable.
  • I agree with Paul Morgan. I've been on this deal for 6 months and have no complaints at all - it's allowed me to play with Photoshop (I'm not really interested in Lightroom) which I would not have been able to afford if I'd have to pay 600-700. I have a small problem with the download software, but Adobe fixed it immediately I contacted them.

    Like many I'm concerned about a big price hike after 12 months, but I also have Elements (I bought it before the Photoshop deal was announced) and I try to use them both together to see just how well Elements will perform compared to Photoshop. I've been very pleasantly surprised just how good Elements is compared to its big brother and how many "hidden" functions it does have, particularly those revealed with the Elements XXL plug in. Yes of course there are things missing, after all Elements is only one tenth of the cost of Photoshop, but if Adobe impose an unacceptable price rise in 6 months (when my 12 month contract runs out) I will bite the bullet and switch back to Elements.
  • Mr Lobsterboy Sir

    You are a genius. It works. Many many thanks.
  • My computer (windows 7) has, after two years, decided that all drop down sub-menus will open on the left hand side of the primary drop down menu instead of the right. It is doing this in all of my programs and its very annoying.

    Anyone know of a button I can click (presumably in Windows) to reset the computer back to normal?
  • If you want to own a photo editing package, there are several on the market for less than 100 and once you have bought it, it is yours. But if you want the very best with every conceivable bell and whistle most of us will ever need, or wish to go into digital art, then it has to be Photoshop. But unless you manage to get a second-hand version from ebay for example (from CS6 downwards), Adobe will only let you rent it. Currently the combined Photoshop/Lightroom package costs me just under 9 a month. I will be interested to see what that rises to in 10 months time.

    For the last 10 years I have also been using Photoshop Elements and the latest version I have is 12 (I bought it before the Photoshop deal was announced). Even with my Elements experience I have found the full Photoshop to be a steep learning curve and every time I find a new feature in Photoshop, more often than not it is there in Elements as well.

    If Adobe put up the PS/LR package prices at the end of this year I will go back to Elements, which along with the NIK and Topaz filters I have bought seperately can do virtually everything I will ask it to do, but only in 8 bit, not 16 like PS.

    Also investigate Lightroom which you can own.
  • It just shows why the UK called "Treasure Island"! Manufacturers of all shapes and sizes have been doing this for years.
  • Sorry, I don't understand the question. If you could be more explicit about what you want to know, I may be able to help.
  • DS Colour Labs
  • Why do you feel you want to upgrade?
  • I have had the 18-135 for many years and used it on a D50, D300 and now a D5100. It's non-VR (Nikon have just produced an 18-140VR lens). The 18-135 is a lens that I have bought a replacement for many times, but in the end it finds its way back onto the camera because its sharp and the 18-135 range is great for a walkabout lens. At the moment it has been replaced by a Sigma 17-70, but I notice its found its way back into my camera bag and will once again probably end up on the camera. In other words its a very useful lens for the sort of shooting I do (landscapes, cityscapes etc).